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Carly and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Rotten Morning.

Normally, I’m not one to whine about having a bad day because I know everyone has them, however; today just takes the cake for bad days for me and unfortunately, I’m the sole cause of my bad day. 😦

My morning started out with me waking up with my 5th cold since January. Sucked but was tolerable. Nate and I did our morning thing. I got ready while he played in his playpen then I got him changed and dressed. We went downstairs, I tidied up a bit while he watched the Backyardigans (one of his favs) and then I ate breakfast while playing with him in his exersaucer. So far so good right? Well then I decided to try and get Nate’s passport done again. I had gone yesterday but forgot to get Kurt to sign it (dumb!) so they couldn’t accept it until it was completed. We headed to the passport office which is roughly 20-25 minutes from home. We got there and I went up to the counter to get served. It really wasn’t even that busy so I thought “Perfect! I’ll be home shortly!”. Well, here’s where things go downhill…

The picture I had taken at Walmart (which cost me $33!) wasn’t acceptable. The lighting was too bright and Nate just disappeared into the background. The lady was super nice and filled out a form for me stating why they rejected it and that Walmart had to redo it (for free thankfully) so anyways she told me to just go and get it redone then come right back to see her. I wouldn’t have to wait in line. Awesome! So I left and headed out to the truck. Well, I got Nate into the truck and without thinking I put my cell phone and the paperwork on the cover of the truck bed. I put the stroller in the back, climbed in, and drove away. About five minutes into driving down the street, I realized “SHIT! I DIDN’T PICK UP MY PHONE!”. Oh my god. I left it on the back of the truck! I pulled over and prayed it had stayed on the cover but obviously after two left turns there’s no way it would’ve stayed on. My heart dropped. Crap. How could I do that!? This also meant the paperwork I had been given was gone too. I drove back to the parking lot and searched for a good ten minutes praying I’d find it. A nice man tried calling my phone for me but we couldn’t hear it. I was basically crying at this point. I got myself back in the truck and started driving back the way I came hoping maybe I’d fine it. I got to the intersection where I realized I’d lost it and amazingly it was sitting on the road! I pulled over and flagged down the car trying to turn left. I explained I needed to get my phone in the intersection. The lady blocked traffic for me (so nice) and I ran out and picked it up. Obviously the phone was trashed. The screen was completely smashed up. I drove to the mall and went to the Bell store in there. Luckily, I pay the additional monthly damage coverage meaning they’ll send me a new phone, unfortunately, for me I never said my contacts to the SIN card so I only know maybe three numbers off by heart. I remember when I was like 12 and I knew all my friends numbers without having to think about them. Nowadays, I NEED my phone to tell me someone’s phone number.

So I got a loaner phone, left the mall, went back to the passport office, explained what happened, teared up a bit, got new forms, then headed to Walmart. Poor Nate. He’d been so patient with me while I did all this so by the time we got to Walmart, he’d had enough. He was tired, hungry, and wet. We tried several times to get his picture but he wasn’t having any of. I tried changing and feeding him but it was no use. He was miserable. I left Walmart with no new pictures and just headed home. Once I got inside, I tried to save the videos and pictures of Nate I have on my phone but because the phone is locked I can’t upload anything! 😦 The screen is far too smashed to even turn on anymore so I can’t physically unlock it to get my files. It seems like something small to be so upset about but I had just taken like six videos of Nate laughing hysterically at me, my sister, as well as the tv and now I can’t get them. Not to mention the 200 and something pictures I had of him on there.

I know it seems like oh well it was just her phone that smashed it’s nothing that bad but considering I have to pay more money on top of the $7 a month I pay for the protection plan and I lost so much stuff of Nate and my cats I’m pretty bummed out about it. I’m also just so mad at myself that I even did it in the first place! Who forgets their phone on their vehicle!? Well, according to the people at Bell it’s “very common” but still! I’ll just chalk it up to “baby brain” but I still feel so dumb and mad at myself!

6 thoughts on “Carly and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Rotten Morning.

    1. Yes I agree! Especially with babies. I thought for sure the picture was good enough since I’d been there the day before to get mine done and they even looked at his pictures and said it was all good I just needed my hubby’s signature. Ugh. So frustrating. I’m just hoping the day looks up from here! Thanks for reading!



  1. Sorry you had such a hard day, hope the next one is better! Passports always are a messy business, but you’ll get them soon and then everything will be fine!



    1. Thank you! I think I was just so upset because of my phone. The picture made me mad but I kinda assumed the picture of my son was too over exposed but driving away with my phone on the back of the truck just crushed me lol I’m still desperately trying to recover all my pictures and videos of him! Thanks for reading!



    1. Yes! Thank you! Me too! The weekend turned right around so really it was just losing some videos and pictures of my son that upset me! Thanks for reading!



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