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Buying Followers/Follow For Follow?

When I started my blog back in March, I basically knew next to nothing about blogging. To me, blogging was just a way to get out my day to day rambling thoughts while I was off on maternity leave. Talking out loud to myself started becoming a slight problem and the idea that I was “talking” to people through my writing seemed to ease my sense that I was slowly losing it. You can’t really start answering yourself out loud and not become a tad bit concerned ;). My blog was (and still is) simply a way for me to communicate my daily thoughts as well as document Nate’s growth and development. It has also been a way for me to share some of my favourite things such as clothing items or toys for Nate with friends and family. I’ve mentioned in the past that I used to journal throughout my pregnancy which is something I really need to start up again but until the days consist longer than 24 hours, it’ll probably stay on my back burner for now.

Which brings me back to my original point for this post, I had no idea there was another side to blogging. The monetary side. The side that seldom few actually are able to attain. The side that makes their living off of writing about fashion, parenthood, DIY projects, etc. I had researched blogs for about four months before I actually decided to start one of my own but I still was unaware this side of the bloggersphere even existed. It wasn’t until I started following fellow bloggers on here along with Instagram that I really began to notice that these people are making their living off of posting about their lives. Honestly, I was fascinated and I’ll be the first to admit, a tad jealous. How fabulous does that lifestyle seem? To be able to make a pretty penny sitting at home (or travelling the globe in some cases) writing about your day to day life. Amazing. Awe struck. Confused. Conflicted. Just a few words that came to my mind as I delved deeper into this world.

I reached out to a few of the lifestyle bloggers I follow just to pick their brains a bit. I wanted to know why and how they were able to attain what few seem to be able to. I was over the moon excited when fellow bloggers Amber Fillerup, the Barefoot Blonde herself and Jenessa Sheffield responded back to me. Their answers were simple. They just worked hard at their blogs for years. Their success didn’t happen over night and sponsors weren’t pounding down their doors after their first few blog posts. They spent numerous hours and even years posting about their favourite clothing items or stores or making YouTube tutorials (which thanks to them, I have now learned some basic hairstyles!). Both of these lovely women told me they didn’t start out their blogs as a way to make money. They started their blogs because they felt like they had something they wanted to share with the world and the more the wrote, the more people seemed to notice. They were both beyond helpful to me and gave me such encouragement to continue with my own blog. Hearing where they started out and seeing where they are now, gave me some inspiration. Neither seemed to be “too good” to take the time to email me back and Jenessa had even given me a long list of ways I could help to improve my writing skills for my blog. Ideas like attending blogging conferences, engaging in fellow bloggers via comments, reaching out through email were just a few of the ways she suggested I look into.

So, still being a blogging newbie, I was also unaware of the fact that people, whether it be on Twitter or Insta, actually buy followers. What do you mean people “buy” followers? How can one go about doing this? Why do people do this? Why would you want to? Should I consider something like this for my own accounts? These are just a few of the questions that have been circulating throughout my mind as of late. I think one would be lying if they said they didn’t want their blog to become popular. To know that people are actually paying attention to it. But should that come at a price? Apparently, one can go about buying “followers” in a few ways. First being, buying what are deemed ‘bot accounts’. These accounts like, comment, and follow you but typically, they lack the engagement one needs to boost their appeal. Another way is to buy followers from a service like Buy Instagram Followers, which uses actual and active accounts. Obviously, prices vary depending on which route one takes to buy these followers but it’s hard to deny that it doesn’t work. A jump in followers might just be the attention one needs to spark the interest of big name companies looking to collaborate or provide sponsorship. Then there’s this #followforfollow business. The idea is that someone follows you then you follow them back. However; typically what ends up happening is the moment you follow back, they then unfollow you. They’re more concerned with their numbers than actually following you because they appreciate and like what you have to say.

Part of me would love to have the success that some of these mommy and lifestyle bloggers have. To be able to spend more time at home with Nate rather than working two jobs would make me so happy. Being able to provide for my family while doing something I love [writing] is an absolute dream. But do I want to get there in a way that most deem deceitful? Probably not. For now, I’d like to let my blog grow in a natural and organic way. Do I despise those who do purchase followers? No. Absolutely not. To each their own. And like I said, I’d be lying if I tried to say I hadn’t thought about it myself. But whenever I do wonder if I should, I remember that both Amber Fillerup and Jenessa Sheffield told me I should stay true to who I am and don’t post or endorse something I don’t love or completely agree with.

So, here I am. My blog is still just a little fish in a vast and dangerous ocean. But to me, that’s O.K. Seeing the support I’ve received from big name bloggers gives me hope that perhaps some day, some where someone will notice my blog and take a bigger interest in it. Do I need that to happen in order for me to feel like my life has a purpose and has been fulfilled? No. I have my family for that. But there’s no denying that it’d still be pretty cool! 😉

3 thoughts on “Buying Followers/Follow For Follow?

  1. I love following those blogging mommys on instagram & yes, i too, am jealous they make a living doing what we all do-just on the smaller scale. Haha but clearly…I’m bad at keeping up w/ my blog ahh!


    1. haha! I know when I read some of them I’m like grrrr!!! But then I remember they started theirs like YEARS ago haha so I suppose it’s o.k.! Yeah, it’s definitely hard to find the time with busy boys! I’m lucky that I’m able to write fairly quickly while Nate’s napping because there’s literally not enough hours in the day to do everything on my To Do List lol


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