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See Ya Later 2015! Here We Come 2016!


I can’t believe another year has come and gone. In about an hour I will be heading into work for a night shift and I can’t help but think about how wonderful this past year has been for myself as well as my family. 2015 was definitely a wild ride but in the very best way possible. Yes, we had some hard times. There were days that felt like the world was against us and there were moments when I seriously questioned how people can be so cruel but for the most part, our year has been unbelievably exceptional.


For starters we got to watch our precious baby boy grow into the funniest, wildest, cheekiest little boy we ever could have hoped for. This year Nate learned how to roll over, sit up, crawl, walk, and now run. He went from being breast fed to eating puree foods to now eating complete solids. He cut four teeth and has been getting closer and closer to saying his first words. Watching this child of mine grow and development into a little person has been hands down the greatest part of 2015. Seeing how far he’s grown in a year continues to astound and amaze me. He is without a doubt the my best accomplishment in life. Nate has made everyone in our families so incredibly happy. It’s so funny how such a small person can create such a large impact in your life. Thank you for making this year amazing Nate. Mommy and Daddy love you beyond words!


I started this blog in March 2015. It was something I thought about for several months before finally deciding to go a head and do it. I was really unsure of myself at first and didn’t think anyone would actually care what I had to say but I’m so happy I didn’t let my fears get the best of me because I have had the pleasure of discovering other “mommy bloggers” out there who are just like me. I’ve development a sort of kindred spirit with them and in times of trouble or sadness it’s nice to know I’m not alone. This blog has allowed me to document Nate’s growth as well as our triumphs and failures throughout this past year. It has given me a hobby as well as a way to showcase my [not so perfect] writing abilities. It has been an outlet for my on-going rants and rambling thoughts. I’ve been able to write clothing reviews as well as bring attention to items that Nate and I love. And most importantly, it’s given me a voice that I some times feel I don’t have. I love my blog and the people who actually read it!


This year I was able to watch Kurt run in several different races. The first being the 30K Around the Bay race. Due to my crazy work schedule, I didn’t really get the opportunity to see him run in the past so being able to watch him on more than one occasion this year has been amazing. I’m so proud of what he’s accomplished with his running. He’s become so dedicated to his running that he’ll brave the snow and ice just to get a 5K in. He’s become more disciplined and I can just see how determined he is to accomplish his goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. I might make fun of his running every now and then but honestly, I don’t know many people that could put the amount of effort into exercising as Kurt has. He’s gone from being winded after a 5K to running a 10 miler and finishing without even really breaking a sweat. I think the hard work and dedication he’s put in are finally starting to pay off and I know it’s only a matter of time before I’m blogging about him running in and finishing the Boston Marathon!


We watched several of our friends become first time parents just like us this year and we were so thrilled to learn that another friend couple of ours is expecting their second baby. Knowing Nate will have so many playmates close to his age makes me so happy. He socializes with so many babies already and I can’t wait for the day when he’s asking to have sleep overs with our friend’s children. I remember playing with my parents friend’s kids during their parties as a kid so now knowing that my own son will have the chance to play with my friend’s children just makes my heart want to burst. I’m sure they’ll all get along!…hopefully! πŸ˜‰


2015 also saw my sister Amanda graduate from university! She spent four years at Trent U in Peterborough then finished out her con-ed program at Queen’s U. I’m so proud of her! Five years of schooling and she’s finally finished! Almost immediately after graduating her got onto the supply list for Durham Region and she began teaching almost right away. It’s crazy to think she’ll be 24 soon (Jan. 3rd). I remember [vaguely] visiting my mom and her in the hospital the day she was born. I was three at the time and it still feels like just yesterday I was “borrowing” a dollar from her or threatening to hit her with a pillow if she didn’t do what I said (I never followed through with that threat) and now here she is a teacher! Wow. Just wow. I’m so so so proud of her and getting to watch her walk across the stage and receive her diploma was an experience I’ll never forget! I love you sister!


We took our first official family vacation this past summer and survived 15 hours in a van with four adults and two babies! The weather might not have been perfect the whole time like in the photo but the memories we made will last a lifetime. We were able to experience a first family trip to somewhere Kurt had never been before and I had only been to once. New Brunswick is definitely a province worth seeing! There is so much natural beauty there and I loved getting to go with our close friends and their new born son. I can’t wait for the future family trips and adventures we’re going to go on! Our list of “must see” places keeps growing and growing! I want Nate to experience as much travel as he can and I know Kurt feels the same way. We’re so excited to be able to take him to many new and exciting places and grateful that we can afford to do so. Get your suitcase ready Nate ’cause Mommy and Daddy have loads of places to take you!


Summer 2015 was spent doing tons of spontaneous day trips. Whether it was to the beach or rib fests or the Toronto Zoo we did something basically every weekend. I couldn’t even begin to name all the things we did because I swear I would go on for at least an hour. This summer was definitely a magical one and filled with memories that I will cherish for my entire life! Having the summer off while Nate was old enough to enjoy it is something that I really hold close to my heart. He was at the age where he was becoming really interested in the things around him so getting outside and letting him see the world was amazing.


This October I went back to work and discovered that it is possible to balance work life with being a mom and a wife. It might be hard but I’m doing the best I can and I think I’m doing a pretty damn good job if I do say so myself! I love my family more than anything but I also do love being a nurse and going back to work has reminded me of that. There might be days that I want to quit but the good out weighs the bad and I’m happy I’m in such a meaningful profession! It’s hard, demanding, exhausting, and sometimes down right depressing but it’s also fun, challenging, happy, and wonderfully shocking.


This past year was not only good for us as a family but also for these two love birds right here. Amanda and her boyfriend Andrew bought their first house! They bought a beautiful new build three bed, two bath condo style townhouse and we’re beyond excited for them! Their move in date is right around the corner (just over two weeks away) and to see how much they’ve grown just makes me smile. They started dating at 16 or 17 years old and survived several years of long distance relationshiping while my sister was away at school. Yes, Peterborough and Kingston aren’t incredibly far away from our home but she still had to live away from us all and any relationship where you have to commute, regardless of how short or long, is difficult which is why it’s so amazing that they lasted. They’re two peas in a pod these two, and I can’t wait to attend their house warming party! Congratulations Auntie Mandy and Uncle Andy! We love you guys!

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And most importantly, this year brought us Nate’s first birthday! We had such a wonderful weekend celebrating his first year of life and I know he had a blast too! He was spoiled beyond belief and the kindness and generosity shown to us by our family and friends just melted my heart. The love that everyone has for this boy is just exceptional! How fitting that I started our year talking about him and now I’m ending this talking about him because he definitely made 2015 for us.

Thank you for being amazing 2015! I’m sad to see you go but thrilled to see what 2016 has in store for us!


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