Welcome to ‘another lifestyle/mommy blog’ with a dash of nursing humour thrown in!

My name is Carly and I’m a 30-something year old wife, mother, and nurse. I graduated from nursing school and became a Registered Practical Nurse in 2010. I married my husband Kurt in October 2013. Our first son Nathan was born in October 2014. Eli, our second son was born in July 2017, and we just recently welcomed our newest addition; a baby girl named Sage this past February. We’re also ‘cat parents’ to our two huge balls of fluff, Ari and Milo.

I started this blog five years ago as a means to document Nate’s first year of life and it’s slowly transformed into what it is now; a way for me to document, vent, reminisce, and discuss almost all aspects of our family’s journey together. While I try to be as open as possible with readers, I do still like to keep some things about our lives private. We have had our fair share of heart breaks and hardships over the years but the life Kurt and I have made together along with our babies and cats is something I would not change for anything in this world.

I hope you enjoy following along in our adventures!


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