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Another Marathon Under Their Belts!

So today my husband and his running partner Chris took part in the Mississauga Marathon; which for those of you who don’t know is 42.2km!!! Since I work two part time jobs (both of which require me to work two weekends a month!) I haven’t really been able to go and watch any of their races over the past two years. The 30K Around the Bay was the first big race I was able to watch thanks to being off on maternity leave! I could have gone to watch them in the ScotiaBank Marathon back in October but I was 38 weeks pregnant and had been having some serious Braxton Hicks contractions so I thought I better not risk it.

I was really excited to get to go and support Kurt and Chris until they informed me that the race started at 7:30am, meaning we’d have to leave our house around 5:30am! Yuck! But it was well worth getting up super early to see them cross the finish line!

They’ve been training so hard and for so long all in hopes of one day qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Unfortunately, they didn’t meet the qualifying time this time but seriously they still did such an amazing job! The qualifying time for their gender and age group is 3 hours and 5 minutes! I could not imagine running that fast! The guys finished the race today at 3 hours and 32 minutes! They might not have been super thrilled with their time but considering there was over 900 people running and they came 87th (Kurt) and 88th (Chris) they definitely have something to be proud of!

Kurt’s hip actually popped out of place while they were running too and apparently there were no medics around where he was in that part of the race but he just happened to be running near a doctor who helped pop it back in! How horrible would that be!? And he still finished the race! Then there’s Chris who started having chest pains during the last few kilometers and told Kurt his left arm was numb! Are you freakin kidding me!? These guys will run through anything! They deserve to feel so proud of themselves because Caralin (Chris’ wife) and I are so proud of them! They’ve now knocked out three marathons and just keep getting better and better!

I can’t wait to see what the future brings for them!



^^^ Nate woke up just in time to watch the marathon runners start crossing the line! And he totally recognized Kurt and Chris when they ran past us!




^^^ C’mon boys almost there!!! As soon as they rounded the corner Caralin spotted them right away. I was looking out for two guys wearing black and blue shirts but as soon as I spotted Kurt’s tattoo I laughed and said “Seriously did they take their shirts off?!” Caralin just laughed. In their defense it was pretty hot by that point! haha

DSC_0420 DSC_0422

^^^ Crossing the finish line!



^^^ Just congratulating Uncle Chris on a job well done!



Nate’s Brooklyn Hat // H&M

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