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Missing Being Pregnant

As Nate gets bigger and bigger I often find myself reminiscing about being pregnant and wishing I could go back to those wonderful nine months. Don’t get me wrong; I absolutely love being able to hug, kiss, and play with him but because my pregnancy was such a breeze and went by so fast, I do find myself missing it.

I miss being able to use the excuse “baby wants” when referring to food. I gained about 33lbs in my pregnancy and a lot of it happened towards the end of the third trimester. I tried to eat pretty healthy but I definitely loved using the “Well, I am eating for two.” sentence if I wanted to take an extra piece of cake or a second plate of Chinese food.

I miss the little kicks and jabs. Yes, towards the end they turned into full out punches and round-house kicks but those movements during the second trimester were the best feeling in the world.

Watching my belly “dance” was hilarious. I loved taking videos of my tummy moving especially after I’d had ice cream or a tea. I probably have a good 20 something videos on my computer of my dancing belly.

I miss people holding the door for me. You would think that having an actual baby/car seat/stroller would make people hold doors open more often but I actually find that people hold them less for me now! When I was pregnant EVERYONE would hold doors open for me. I remember one time actually having to battle a 80 something year old woman for the door because I was trying to hold it open for her and she wanted to hold it open for me! Ha! But nowadays I’m lucky if someone holds the door for me while I’m struggling to push the stroller through the doorway. How strange is that? But it’s happened more times than I can count. I’ve even had two people let the door shut on Nate and I while I was carrying his car seat!

I actually miss going to my doctor’s office for my prenatal appointments! I used to complain to Kurt all the time about going because my doctor was always running behind so I would wait for an extra 30-45 minutes for my appointment but I would get to hear Nate’s heart beat on the Doppler and that was just such an amazing experience for me every time I was there. I know if I put my head on his chest right now I’d hear his heart beat but there’s something wonderful about hearing a heart beating inside you and knowing it’s not yours that I miss.

I also miss seeing him on the ultrasound machine. This is really strange to me considering I look at him every single day in real life now but it’s kind of like the heart beat thing; knowing I was growing an actual person and seeing how much bigger he was getting inside me was breath taking.

I love my son and I absolutely LOVE getting to squeeze his chubby thighs, kiss his chubby cheeks, smell his “baby smell”, soothe him when he’s crying, and everything else that comes along with being a parent but I do miss those nine months where he was growing inside me.

5 thoughts on “Missing Being Pregnant

  1. This is so sweet. As I think about a 2nd baby, I love the idea of focusing on all the positive parts of being pregnant. I have been too focused on how difficult it could be to chase a toddler while being pregnant. Thank you for sharing


    1. I can imagine how it would be easy thinking about chasing down a toddler while being pregnant!! I often find myself wondering the same thing but then I think about how much I looooooved being pregnant and it changes my mind! Haha! Thanks for reading and good luck!



    1. Oh yes Danielle, it’s so funny thinking about missing being pregnant yet loving having my boy physically in my arms! Haha! So strange! Thanks for stopping by!



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