Mom Life

Loves and Hates

Wow. My little Nate is almost nine months old! I cannot believe it’s gone by so fast. It’s mind-boggling thinking about how pretty soon we’ll be celebrating his first birthday! I already have a board on my pinterest dedicated to his first birthday party as well as numerous things favourited on Etsy. I swear, I go to sleep at night and when I wake up another month has just passed while I slept. And now that Nate is getting bigger; his personality is changing as well. It’s funny to see how things he used to love are turning into things he now hates and visa versa.

He used to love getting his diaper changed. Seriously. The kid HATED being wet and cold. I remember changing his bum at least 18 times in one day because the moment he got the tiniest bit wet, he would scream and scream and scream until I changed him. I kept thinking ‘holy crap! We’re going to go broke trying to buy diapers for this kid’. My oh my how things have changed. He now hates diaper changes! He screams bloody murder the moment he’s laid down on his change mat. He would much rather be crawling and playing than laying down and being forced to stay still. He kicks, cries, contorts his body into weird angles, and makes me feel like I’m the worst mom ever for trying to keep him clean. Every diaper change is like a battle and sometimes I just have to surrender and let him win.

Nate also used to love getting dressed and undressed. I’d play peek-a-boo with him while popping his head through the top of his onesie or I’d give his belly raspberries when I was changing him into his pjs. But nowadays, that’s a whole different story. When it’s jammie time, it takes both Kurt and I to change Nate. Kurt tries to distract/stop him from rolling and I struggle to get all his limbs in the proper spots. He constantly wants to be on the move and sometimes it gets frustrating because it ends up taking us double the amount of time to do this because of how wild Nate can be.

I’ve also noticed that bath time has changed as well. Nate used to love floating on his back while in the water, however; now when I try to float him on his back, he will kick and lift his neck up trying to get back into a sitting position. He would much rather be standing in the tub throwing his duckies around.

On the plus side, with everything that he used to love turning into things he hates, there’s also been changes to things he once hated. Up until very recently (like eight months old) Nate really had zero interest in eating any baby food. I spent days making him all these different types of baby foods and I was so excited to start giving him them but I was definitely more into the baby food than he was. It was a daily struggle to get him to finish one bowl of baby food. There were days when I actually broke down into tears thinking it was something I was doing wrong, however; once he turned eight months old, his interested in food spiked greatly. He now will eat three meals (usually) a day and he sometimes cries and opens his mouth for more once his bowl is finished.

Nate now also really likes being in his stroller. I’m not sure if it was because he was outgrowing his infant car seat which attached onto the stroller or because he wasn’t facing outward but for about three months (4-7 months old) he would cry and cry while in the stroller. If I was out at the zoo or the mall I would have to carry him in his infant carrier because he wouldn’t settle down. But as soon as we took out the infant attachment and just started facing him forward, he turned into a completely different baby. He loves looking out at the world and if he gets tired or actually falls asleep, I just recline the stroller seat for him and he’s happy as a clam!

This one is pretty cute. He never exactly HATED our cats but I don’t think he exactly loved them either. I think he was kind of scared of them when he first started really noticing them. But now, you can’t keep the kid away from them! The poor cats have to jump over the baby gates blocking the two doors into the kitchen just to get a break from him. He’s learned to climb the stairs in order to get after them too! All he wants to do is love on them, unfortunately for Stella, Ari, and Milo his love is a little too aggressive.

With how much Nate has changed in the last eight and a half months, I’m really curious to see what his new love/hate is. I’m sure when I wake up tomorrow morning it’ll be something new!

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