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Nine Month Check Up!

Well, baby Nate had his nine month check up today (whelp!) and I’m proud to say he’s doing awesome! He’s roughly 20 lbs now; putting him in the 50th percentile for weight (which is where he’s been all along) and he’s 28.5 inches long. He dropped slightly in the height percentile but honestly, looking at him he looks huge! He’s by no means a skinny baby either! He’s got some chunk on him which is adorable but unfortunately, he was really squirming and crying while his height was being taken so I feel like it wasn’t entirely accurate but whatever! He’s getting so big so fast! I love bragging about how wonderful he’s doing and how he’s meeting (and in my opinion), surpassing all his milestones. He started crawling when he was just over seven months old and now he’s mastered going up the stairs. Obviously, Kurt or myself is behind him when he’s on them but it’s still really impressive that he figured out how to climb so quickly. It only took him a couple hours to motor on up! He’s also trying to climb the baby gates now which is more worrisome for me as one has already collapsed slightly on him. My doctor seemed to be pretty impressed with Nate and he took his needle like a champ! He barely noticed when she poked him with it. I was definitely a proud mom, especially because my doctor said she had just given a needle to a seven year old girl who proceeded to have a massive meltdown afterwards. My boy is a tough one that’s for sure! I still can’t believe I’m a mom to a almost nine month old. It felt so surreal booking his next visit because he’ll be one year old at that point. How did nine months go by so fast? I know I say it again and again but time really does fly when you become a parent!

3 thoughts on “Nine Month Check Up!

    1. I swear I used to roll my eyes every time I heard “you don’t realize how fast time flies until you’re a parent” but yeah until you’re a parent you really don’t know! Thanks for reading!


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