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Simple Sundays

Friday night Kurt came home from work and informed me that Cobourg was having their annual rib fest all weekend. We haven’t really had the chance to enjoy weekends during the summer together for the last few years due to me working every Saturday and Sunday because of both jobs but regardless of my work schedule we ALWAYS make sure we hit up at least one rib fest. Usually, it’s the one located in our home town but on occasion we have ventured down to the one at the lake in Oshawa. This year we went Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the one in our town so we kinda got our fill of rib-festing but since we had such a nice time out in Cobourg last weekend, we decided to check this one out.

Nate let us sleep in until 8 am on Sunday (yay!) so after we got ready I packed the diaper bag and we headed out for another nice little family outing. We parked in the same lot we parked in before and wandered downtown. If you read my previous blog post then you’ll probably remember how we discovered this little Love Lock Bridge in downtown Cobourg and how I had said we were going to go back to place our own lock on the chain. Well, I’m very glad to say that we picked up a small little lock and attached it to this little piece of history! It was so sweet writing our names on the lock then picking out the perfect spot for it. I’m so happy it’s close to home so any time we are in Cobourg, we can go and visit it!

After placing the lock on the bridge we wandered down to the beach and took a stroll on the boardwalk. It was so hot out! I was definitely jealous of all the kids and adults splashing around in the lake. The Cobourg beach is so beautiful. I’ve been going there since I was little and I swear every year it gets more and more popular. Next, we checked out the rib fest and what they had going on. Kurt and I were both very disappointed with how the rib fest was laid out in our hometown this year. Apparently. there were issues with under age drinking at last year’s rib fest so they shut it down to anyone underage at 8 pm. This meant that you had to be with someone over 19 who could go in and buy you’re food then bring it back out for you because the beer tent and the food vendors were all in the same location. I watched so many kids and teenagers get turned away because they showed up after 8 even though they only wanted to get food! We weren’t even allowed in with Nate who was 6 1/2 months at the time. Obviously he wouldn’t be underage drinking! Because of this, it kinda left a sour taste in our mouths, however; Cobourg definitely seemed to have theirs much more organized. Granted, we were there early in the afternoon but I didn’t hear anyone complaining about things that may have occurred the night before like we did at ours. We grabbed some ribs and pulled pork from a vendor we had never tried before and gobbled it all up. Everything was so good! The ribs were so meaty and falling off the bone and the pulled pork was sweet but tangy at the same time. Definitely a top contender!

It was so hot out and Nate looked like he was getting uncomfortable so we walked through one of the splash pads to help cool him off. Usually he likes them but there were so many big kids running around that he was a little overwhelmed but after getting the cold water all over his body you could instantly see him relax and start smiling again. We then walked out to the pier which I had no idea you could do. I’ve been to the beach so many times but never out onto the pier so that was a really nice experience to share with Kurt and Nate!

Here are a few shots of the day!





The front of our lock!


Anddd the back! Ignore the marker on my finger haha



Our lock on its new home!



Big boy is able to stand on his own now!





Nom nom nom! I would give them a 9/10 for sure! Definitely A+ eats!


He was so hot at this point! I felt so bad for him! But he cheered up a bit after getting some yummy BBQ sauce!


Thumbs up for Cobourg’s Rib Fest!







Baby toes!









I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

Stroller// B.O.B. Revolution SE

Nate’s Headband// Baby Buff

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    1. We were so excited when we discovered this one so close to home! Now we can visit it whenever we want 🙂 You should check out around your area, apparently it’s a “thing” nowadays and a lot of cities are choosing to make them!

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