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Nate at 10 Months

Today is August 20th 2015. In six days my baby will be 10 months old and I am in complete shock by it. Ten whole months have just flown by! Some nights when I look at him sleeping peacefully in his crib; I think to myself, yes he is still our little baby boy. But then there’s days like today where I look at him playing with his toys and on the verge of walking and I think wow, he’s such a big boy now. My gosh. Ten months in six days! Can I please hit the pause button on time for a little bit? I’m not prepared for him to get any bigger. Here is a little glance at what Nate is like at (almost) 10 months old…

Great eater (both with solids and breast milk)

Lover of being barefoot

Hater of diaper changes and getting dressed or undressed

Happiest when in the bathtub

Has the most adorable giggle and laugh

Provides the best hugs and slobbery kisses

Laughs whenever he sees the cats

Chin chewer and shoulder biter (usually only my chin and shoulders though)

Enjoys all types of music (mainly country)

Warmest baby blue eyes

Has the most ticklish sides and thighs

Usually sticking out his tongue

Growing some of the most curly blonde hair I’ve ever seen on a baby

Currently cutting one tooth

Lover of raspberries on his belly

Hater of sitting still

Quite tall for his age

Inherited my right side smile dimple

Able to stand for up to one minute without any assistance

Progressing closer and closer to walking





I love you my little buddy-boy! xoxo

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