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More Heart Breaking but Exciting Milestones!

About a week and a half ago as Nate and I were playing and fooling around on the floor, he crawled over to me and bite down on my forearm super hard. Usually it doesn’t bother me since he still has zero teeth but this time I actually jumped because it was so forceful and took me by surprise. The next day I noticed he had actually bruised my arm! I was so shocked that I decided I needed to try and take a peek inside his mouth. After battling with him on and off throughout the day he finally let me sneak and peek and sure enough there it was; a small white bump on his bottom gums! When Kurt got home from work I tried showing him too but Nate was having none of it so instead I had Kurt run his finger along the bottom of Nate’s gums to feel this newly formed bump. I had no idea how long it would take before the tooth finally cut through but I was anticipating it being only a few days. Boy was I wrong! We’re coming up on to two weeks now and the bump just keeps getting bigger and bigger but the tooth hasn’t really broken the gums just yet. This poor kid. You can tell how uncomfortable he is just by looking at him. Fingers, toys, teethers, cloths, basically anything that fits he’s putting into his mouth and chomping down on. We’ve been doing our best to try and keep him comfortable but sometimes he just cries while gnawing down on his fingers. Then today I noticed that almost the whole bottom gum is hard and starting to get white bumps similar to where his first tooth is poking through. It looks like poor Nate is getting hit with about six bottom teeth all at once!

Now, besides this new milestone occurring, Nate also walked three steps several times on Saturday morning!!! Four days shy of turning 10 months old and our baby boy actually walked! If you’ve read up on my previous milestones post from a few months ago, you may remember that I posted a picture of Nate at three months “walking” while holding onto Kurt’s hands. Everyone was astonished that at three months Nate was able to understand that in order to move while holding daddy’s hands, he needed to put one foot in front of the other so we all knew he’d be walking before his first birthday and sure enough he met that goal this past weekend! Saturday morning started out with me trying to get caught up on our ever growing massive laundry pile. While I was in the laundry room, Kurt was “walking” Nate around the family room. He called out to me laughing and said “He just took five steps by himself.” Immediately I slammed the washer door closed and yelled “What did you just say!?” Assuming I’d misheard Kurt. But then he said “Yeah I was holding onto his hands then I let go and he took a few steps himself beside me.” I ran out of the laundry room and yelled “Why didn’t you call me out here!?” I wasn’t mad or anything since I’ve seen the majority of Nate’s firsts. I was just so excited that he had actually walked and wished I had seen the first steps myself. But I quickly got over it when we sat on Nate’s play mat and he started taking about three steps between us several times. I think we ended up getting seven or eight videos of him going back and forth between Kurt and I. Later that morning my dad and step-mom came over and were able to witness him take two steps towards me. They were so excited for him too. I posted a video on my insta account for anyone who’s interested in watching it! Haha! Yeah, I’m THAT mom! Just ignore my shrieking voice towards the end. I tend to increase my voice by a few decibels when I get really excited or giddy!

I still cannot believe Nate walked! Of course, he hasn’t done it since Saturday morning even though I’ve been repeatedly trying to get him to but we have all the proof we need that he did in fact walk. How amazing is that!? Pretty soon I’m going to be chasing him all around our house and the play ground. It’s crazy how fast babies change within their first year of life!

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