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First Night Away from the Little Guy

IMG_6603Ugh! I am dreading this upcoming Saturday. Usually I’m all for weekends because it means that Kurt gets to spent two whole days at home with Nate and I, however; this upcoming Saturday will be the first night that we have stayed away from him and I’m not looking forward to it one bit!

Kurt and his running partner Chris are competing in the Sears Great Canadian Run. It’s a 100 km run from Caledon to Blue Mountain and the money raised by the runners goes towards helping to find a cure for children’s cancers as well as helping families stay closer to the hospital while their children are receiving treatments. It’s a fantastic cause and one that I greatly support. Kurt and Chris are part of a five man relay team and will be alternating the distances they run throughout the day. They registered for this race several months ago and the original plan was for myself and Caralin (Chris’ wife) to drive up with our babies Saturday morning after the guys had already left but after some consideration and thought, it was decided that since there is an “after party” race celebration, it would make more sense to leave the boys at home so we could all enjoy ourselves as we should be allowed to every once and a while.

IMG_7728At first, I was on board with the idea, especially because Nate has been so needy with me lately and I’m starting to worry about what will happen when I go back to work but now that Saturday is right around the corner, I find my anxiety levels are steadily increasing by the hour. I know he’ll be in good hands as my dad and step-mom are watching him during the day then my sister [Amanda] and step-sister [Megan] are staying at our house overnight with him but I still worry. I’m nervous because I know how much he hates bottles and he’ll have to take at least two or three on Saturday/Sunday. I’m nervous because his sleep schedule has been all out of wack the past two weeks. I’m nervous because if [knock on wood] something did happen, I’ll be at least two hours away. All and all, I’m just plain nervous. I know in the end it’ll be fine but I can’t help but be a tad bit scared. The longest I’ve ever been away from him to date is six hours so knowing I’ll be gone more than 24 is pretty overwhelming. I know this will be good practice for me when I have to work the occasional night shift but that still doesn’t make it much easier.

IMG_6735Sometimes, I think I need him more than he actually needs me.

For more information about the Sears Great Canadian Run or ways you can get involved, please visit their website and help support this amazing cause!

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