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20 Days!

I swear it was JUST YESTERDAY that I was eagerly looking forward to October 5th 2014 because it meant that I was officially off on maternity leave, now however; I am dreading its arrival. The arrival of October 5th 2015 means I will be back at work and therefore; not spending basically every moment of every day with my favourite littlest person! I can’t imagine not being home with Nate 24/7. Some days I can’t even remember a time when I actually had a job even though it was only a year ago. It seems like I’ve always been at home with him as strange as that sounds. For the past year, my day to day activities have revolved solely around him so it’s weird to think how I’ll be leaving him in the care of family while I go to work and care for other people’s family.

For the next 20 days my days will consist of:

Extra snuggles

Loads of kisses

Soaking up all the one on one time I can get

Tons of laughs

Giggles and smiles

Dance time

Tickle fights

Lounging together on the couch during nap time

Playing at the park

Throwing grass and dirt

Long walks around the block

Scream wars

High fives and waving bye-bye

Gosh. How I love that little boy of mine! It’s definitely going to be a big change come October 5th. I think it’ll be harder for me to leave him but I know he’s in the best hands!

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