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Loving on The WILD!


Yes, I know. I’m starting to form quite the online shopping addiction but of all the small online shops I’ve discovered, this has to be at the top of my favourites list! The Wild Kids Apparel is a funky-fresh, modern take on unisex kids apparel. I first discovered The Wild when I was browsing through the wonderful world of Instagram. I’m not even 100% sure how I came to find their account but once I discovered it, I knew I was hooked!


Adriane is the artist and founder of this adorable brand. According to her web page, she has a background in painting and after the birth of her second son she decided to put her skills to the test and started creating a series of modern and quirky characters. These characters are high-contrast and simple but there’s just something about them that peeks your interest and makes you want to learn more. All the designs are black outlines which gives off a striking yet subtle look when printed on black, white, or grey clothing items. You can’t help but smile when looking at these whimsical creations that Adriane brings to life. Her designs are all created using 100% cotton fabrics as well as water-based, eco-friendly paints. She also creates each article of clothing by hand and made to order so you can guarantee each tee, raglan or sweater is going to be slightly different than the last. This truly helps to authenticate the “one-of-a-kind” feel you get when you see these pieces in person.


Now that you have a bit of background info on this brand, let’s actually delve into the wonderful world of The Wild! I’m telling you, these characters are all beyond adorable! There’s just something so endearing about looking at these prints. The moment I saw them, I was taken right back to my childhood; looking at picture books or colouring in my cartoon colouring books. They give off such a child-like innocence that it just warms your heart to look at them. Whether your child is into wilderness animals or safari ones, Adriane has something for everyone! She categorizes her characters into seven different categories; The Wilderness Collection, The Arctic Collection, The Black and White Collection, The Aquatic Collection, The Safari Collection, The Save Our Earth Collection, and her Other Designs which includes several different versions of her logo. With all these categories to choose from there’s no way your child won’t find an animal or character they’re in love with.


My personal favourites include: Finn the Fox, Bob the Grizzly Bear, Murray the Moose, Rachel the Reindeer, Rocky the Raccoon, Pip the Porcupine, and Pablo the Penguin. Each character is so unique and creative that it is honestly so hard to choose which one you want printed. I swear I went back and forth at least a dozen times trying to decide which ones I wanted and when I finally did order, I decided that I (I mean Nate) needed a few more to add to the closet!


You can get any of her characters printed out onto various clothing options. From onesies, to sleep gowns, to tee’s, to raglans, to leggings, to rompers; she’s got it all! Another amazing thing about The Wild Kids Apparel is the fact that they don’t just sell infant or kids clothing! Yes, you moms and dads can also support them and wear some pretty rad designs yourselves! I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t purchased something for myself from her. Not only are these designs unisex for kids but also for adults too. I mean, seriously anyone looks good in black and white!


So adding to the list of reasons why I totally love The Wild Kids Apparel; they are proudly Canadian and made in Hamilton, ON. As much as I love supporting small shops, it prides me to no end to support Canadian small shops! Especially ones that are so close to my home!


 But probably one of my absolute favourite things about this shop is that Adriane doesn’t just sell clothes. She has taken her designs to the “next level” and has been printing them out to create plushy versions. They look like a cross between a stuffed animal and a pillow. They would make the cutest additions to any nursery or play room. She’s even taken them so far as to have designed the cutest, one-of-a-kind, plush tree ornaments! When I started seeing her posting them on Instagram, I nearly died at how amazing they were. These little stuffed black and white cartoon animals to hang on your Christmas tree. What a brilliant idea! The Wild also sells a pretty sweet tote bag too! Perfect to use to hide all of my purchases from husband! Haha just kidding. He’s well aware of my addiction at this point.


Photo: Property of The Wild Kids Apparel


Photo: Property of The Wild Kids Apparel Instagram Account


Photo: Property of The Wild Kids Apparel


Every package you receive also contains a personalized card as well as a set of stickers and a little page featuring “The Woods” for your kiddos to colour! This just adds to the beauty that is buying local and supporting the “little guy”! You aren’t going to find this attention to detail when you buy something from a big box store that’s for sure!

Oh and just in case you want another reason to fall head over heels in love with this shop, celebs like Rachel Bilson and Hilary Duff have also purchased from her! Yeah! I know! Summer Roberts and Lizzie McGuire dress their littles in this brand! How cool is that? I’m not going to lie, when I discovered that I had ordered from the same store as them, I was pretty proud of myself. You see, I myself have zero fashion sense but when it comes to my son, Nate, boy can I ever dress him!


Since it being the holidays and all, Adriane has closed up her online shop until January but don’t fret followers! You can still find her items under her Stockists tab. These are stores (either online or actual fronts) that carry The Wild Kids Apparel! I honestly hope you guys check her out! She is definitely one-of-a-kind in the very best way possible and it’s been an absolute pleasure to buy from her and watch her store grow and grow!


*Please note all opinions are my own!*

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