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NHL Here Nate Comes!




O.k., o.k., maybe he’s not totally ready for the NHL just yet but perhaps some day he will be!! 🙂

This past Monday marked Family Day and since both Kurt and I were off work we decided to try and make the most out of a rare holiday that I’m home for. So after getting to sleep in until 8:30 (!!!!) we were trying to rack our brains to come up with something to do. We ended up deciding to take Nate out skating for his first time.


Kurt bought Nate skates as a gift this past Christmas and unfortunately, we’ve had some pretty mild weather so we hadn’t really been able to test him out on some ice yet. I’m not a big fan of skating, mostly because I can’t really stay upright…haha. Believe it or not I was once in figure skating and did pretty well but since then I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been on skates so I didn’t really want to go to an indoor rink and risk falling or worse, taking someone else out. We ended up finding this little frozen creek and just as we were walking up, two families were leaving so we got the ice all to ourselves and didn’t have to shovel a thing because they’d already done it. Sweet!


Now I know what you’re thinking, “there’s no way that toddler was able to skate” and you’d be right. But that wasn’t the point of our little adventure on the ice. We just wanted to take Nate out and try something new with him. Plus the younger we get him used to skating, the more likely it’ll be that he’ll want to go out and skate himself. I couldn’t care less if he doesn’t want to play hockey when he’s older, I just want him to love being outdoors and having as much fun as possible instead of being cooped up in the house in front of the TV all day.


I was pretty impressed with how well he did considering he’s so young. He really wasn’t sure of it at first but Kurt held onto him and pushed him while I slid across the ice with my boots. The more I did that, the more Nate wanted to chase after me which made him laugh and actually want to move his feet. Kurt was mostly working on getting Nate to “walk” while in the skates which he was doing a little bit. Once Nate started getting cold and fussy (after only 15-20 minutes-ish) we packed him back up in the truck and headed off to lunch with Kurt’s nephew. I didn’t want to stay outside any longer with Nate being fussy because it was pretty chilly that afternoon. But all and all I think he had a good time! I know he definitely enjoyed lunch with Dylan and then getting to play with his favourite Trinity (Kurt’s niece) later on in the evening was the cherry on top of a perfect wintery Family Day!


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