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Get To Know Me!

For those of you who might have just recently discovered my little blog, I thought I’d do another little ‘Get To Know Me’ post. I did one a few months back over here and realized that I’ve probably had a few new followers since then. These are just some random facts, quirks, or hobbies I have. Nothing too intense!! 😉

1.) My middle name is Rose and I have three of these pretty flowers tattooed on my right shoulder blade.

2.) I love the colour purple. Any shade of it to be exact! It’s just a calming and beautiful colour to me.

3.) I absolutely love laying in bed listening to the rain. It’s one of my most favourite things in the whole world.

4.) I’m right handed, except when shooting a hockey stick then I’m left. So strange and I don’t know why.

5.) I really enjoy looking at paint chip colours in stores. Something about all the colours settles me if I’m feeling stressed.

6.) I like to sing and took vocal lessons for years.

7.) I make a pretty kick-ass spaghetti if I do say so myself! That and my lemon chicken are the two dishes I’m most confident about making since I pretty much hate to cook.

8.) I’ve had my hair probably close to almost every colour under the sun, including purple!

9.) I basically live in either scrubs or yoga pants. My idea of dressing up is actually having to put on jeans and not go out in a big, comfy sweatshirt.

10.) My eyes are a very bright green with a hint of yellow around the pupils.

11.) I’m currently obsessed with the tv shows The 100 and Once Upon A Time. It’s starting to become a bit of a problem…

12.) I love hats. From big, floppy sun hats to toques to baseball caps. I just can’t get enough! I just love them!

13.) I only own one purse. It’s basically the only purse I’m ever allowed to own. Kurt bought me a Louis Vuitton purse for my 20th birthday and I have treasured that thing like it was my first born. Well, maybe not quite but honestly I’ve kept that bag in such pristine condition. And in return for him buying me that purse, I promised to never own another purse again. Crazy? Yes. Worth it? Definitely! I LOVE that bag!!

14.) My idea of a perfect date is going to the zoo. I always have such a blast when Kurt and I go there with Nate. If I could afford to go once or two a week, I totally would!

15.) Candy cane ice cream is my all-time favourite ice cream flavour and I wish you could get it all year long.

16.) I’m really not a morning person but I’m also not a night owl (any more) either. I’m like a 10 am to 4 pm kinda person. Those are my golden hours. Any other time of the day, I’d rather be in my bed.

17.) I own a Pikachu onesie and it’s probably one of the greatest things I’ve ever worn!

18.) I really don’t care how ugly Uggs are, I will wear them until the day I die. I’m totally a comfort over fashion type of girl. I have zero fashion sense when it comes to my style so I’d much rather prefer to just to comfortable 24/7.

19.) I’m definitely a spring and autumn person. I love when the first few buds start appearing on the trees after a long and cold winter. And I equally love watching the leaves change when the crisp autumn air rolls in.

20.) Cutting the grass is relaxing to me. I hate planting flowers, weeding, watering the garden, basically any yard maintenance is just a nuisance to me; except when it comes to mowing the yard. For whatever reason I actually don’t mind it.

21.) I still tie my shoes using the ‘Bunny Ears’ method. I never learned the other way so it probably takes me twice as long as most people when I’m tying my laces. Hopefully Kurt is able to teach Nate the “right way” to tie his shoes when that time comes.

22.) I love watching shows like Dateline or 24 Hours Hard Evidence. I’ve watched them for years and year and I never tire of these types of shows. I often get really emotional while watching them but I just can’t stop myself.

24.) I’d like to publish a series of children’s books based on my son Nate. I’ve got some ideas written down in my journal and hopefully one day, I’ll have something published.

25.) I hate sleeping with socks on. Actually, scratch that. I hate socks period.

26.) One of my favourite things to blog about has to be children’s clothes. I might not have any fashion sense when it comes to my closet but let me tell you, my son wears my pretty sweet outfits if I do say so myself! I’ve become obsessed with finding these amazing online small businesses and I’ve scored some totally unique items for Nate.

27.) I can’t eat pizza without pineapple on it. It’s just not worth my time. Seriously. If there’s no pineapple (or bacon/ham) I won’t touch it.

28.) There’s nothing that means more to me than my family. They are my reason for getting up every morning. My reason for breathing. My reason for living. My family is my entire world and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them.

Thanks for reading and for following along with my blog!! Hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek into who I am behind the screen!


Just in case anybody thought I was lying about the Pikachu onesie! 😉


This isn’t the best picture since it was taken on my phone directly after the tattoo was finished but Ben, from Motor City does AMAZING work and I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone!!

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