Mom Life

18 Weeks

Due date: July 27th 2017

Baby is the size of a: Bell pepper

Currently measuring at: 18 weeks 5 days

Currently craving: fruits (oranges, apples, green grapes), sour keys, KFC chicken (?), vanilla cake with vanilla frosting, and Kawartha Dairy Black Raspberry Thunder ice cream

Currently feeling: tired 24/7

Currently weighing: haven’t actually weighed myself since 16 weeks (142 lbs)

Currently experiencing: headaches at least once a week, hunger, lethargy, and round ligament pain

Feeling lots of movement?: unfortunately no, I felt much more movement when I was pregnant with Nate when I was 18 weeks. Typically baby moves more when I’m laying on my right side

Gender?: don’t know what we’re having but can find out in a week! Doesn’t matter what it ends up being though!

Food aversions?: in the beginning the smell of coffee was a turn off for me but nothing has really bothered me since


*picture is from 16 weeks*

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