Mom Life

34 Week Bump Update

Currently measuring? 33 weeks and 6 days

Baby is the size of a? Cantaloupe

Weight gain? I think I’m up to around 30-33 pounds right now :\ people keep saying it’s “all baby” or “all belly” but I’ve noticed my face is a lot rounder these days and I’m bordering on having a double chin.

Movement? Lot and lots of movement! When it’s really hot outside, he likes to go nuts in my belly. Some days it literally looks like waves moving through my abdomen. It’s really weird looking and actually sometimes makes me feel a little nauseated.

Any new cravings? I started craving LOTS AND LOTS of peanut butter a few weeks ago. Like I could eat an entire jar of peanut butter in one sitting type of craving and slowly that’s morphed more into peanut butter and raspberry jam sandwiches. I could eat a PB&J sandwich for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day and still not get sick of them. I’m also eating a lot more ice cream lately and definitely still drinking tons of lemonade. My cravings are so strong that even while typing this post, I’m debating taking a break to go make a sandwich and pour a nice cold glass of lemonade! 🙂

Any new symptoms? I’d say the fatigue has really hit me hard in the last few weeks. It doesn’t matter how much sleep I try to get (which let’s face it with a two and a half year old who likes to get up early and isn’t napping as much anymore) I’m still exhausted the majority of the day. I’ve also started getting sciatica pain in my right leg again. I had quite a bit of pain and discomfort in my right leg from about 8 week until around 24 weeks then it slowly start going away, however; yesterday I had two moments in the day where I had such sharp shooting pain in my right leg I needed to either sit down on the stairs or lean over the kitchen island. Terrible!

Going off work soon? I’m thinking July 7th is going to be my last day at work. I’m not due until July 27th but I’m finding it harder and harder to be on my feet all day at work. Plus, my one job requires me to push a rather larger medication cart around some long hallways and I just can’t see myself being able to do that much longer. Then there’s the bending and kneeling putting on or taking off patient’s socks/shoes. I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a shift soon where I just can’t get up after bending down.

Excited? I think as the due date approaches, I’m finding myself more and more nervous instead of excited. Of course I’m excited and can’t wait for new born snuggles again but I am nervous about how Nate will react, will the cats be o.k. with another screaming baby in the house, will we be able to adjust to being a family of four (seven including the cats), can we financially afford the pay cut I’ll be taking from my maternity leave? All these questions that we’ll get answers to soon enough! I think every first time, second time, or even 10th time parent feels this way and it always works out in the end.

How will Nate react? I honestly have no idea how Nate will take to a new baby in the house. He LOVES babies, toddlers, and big kids and generally plays really well with every age group but given that he’s a bit of a momma’s boy,  I’m hoping jealousy doesn’t take over. He likes to kiss my belly or pat my belly and he’ll say “Hi boy” or “Hi baby” numerous times a day but I don’t think he fully comprehends that an actual baby will be born and be coming home to live with us. We’ll just have to see how it goes!

How many days left? 43!!


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