Mom Life

Eli At One Month Old

LOVES to be held 24/7 and sleeps much better when he’s cuddled into someone’s arms.

Routinely likes to wake up around 11 pm to party regardless of if he JUST fell asleep shortly before.

Still a night owl. He was always super active in the late evening/night when I was pregnant with him and it seems like it’s continued onward after his delivery.

Has started visually focusing on us when we’re talking to him.

Knows his brother’s voice almost as well as he knows mine.

Impartial to his swing. Most likely because he’d rather be held.

On a good night he can sleep between 4-6 hours without waking to feed.

Finally out of newborn diapers and clothes.

Definitely is not a fan of bath time and cries every time he’s in the water.

Has the cutest little snores.

Favourite spot to snuggle is on someone’s chest with his head tucked under their chin.

Will not fall asleep in his bassinet. In order to be placed into it he needs to have fallen asleep either by being cuddled or in his swing first otherwise he starts screaming.

Tends to be extremely gassy first thing in the morning.

Has the LOUDEST burps and poops of any baby I’ve ever met. Seriously, for someone so small he makes some big noises!

Hates being buckled into his car seat but the moment he’s fully strapped in, he immediately falls asleep.

Likes to ‘chug’ when he’s feeding just like his big brother did which results in a lot of time spent properly burping him.

Already has me tightly wrapped around his teeny, tiny finger!

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