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Nate at Three Years Old!

I’m sorry but can we all take a moment to re-read the title of this blog post. Nate at THREE years old!? Are you kidding me? How did this even happen? How is it possible that three years have gone by since this little dude was born? Hasn’t it only been a few months? Maybe a year at most!? It astounds me just how quickly life goes on once you have children. I keep saying to myself that the quickest moments of my life were my four years in high school and the past three years since having Nate. The craziest part is, that also means my blog will be coming up on its three year birthday soon as well. Wow, three years documenting, writing, and venting about this crazy thing we call life. One of my very first posts ever was about Nate’s four month shots and how well he was doing. I can vividly remember typing it out like it was yesterday… Nate was jumping in his Cozy Coupe jumper while I sat across from him on the couch typing away and making funny faces at him and now Eli is almost four months old… Holy. Time just keeps on sneaking by. I’m grateful I did decide to take the jump into starting this blog because when both my boys are older, I can come back and re-live them through my eyes when they were little. And to think, next September Nate will be starting JK! Oh my heart!!

The other day Kurt and I were discussing what my plans would be when my wonderful, year long maternity leave is finished and I made a comment about Nate and going to school and Kurt sort of laughed it off and said “well at least that’s still two years away right.” And I paused and said “you mean September…” He was totally stunned that Nate would be going to school THIS UP-COMING September. Not because he forgot how old Nate was or anything but more so because it seems too soon for the both of us. It’s hard to imagine having a school-aged child when we still remember him so clearly being a baby as if it was just yesterday. He was an infant and in the blink of an eye, he turned three years old.

So what is this beautiful boy like at three years old? Well…

He is the sweetest, kindest soul I’ve ever met.

He hates to see other kids or babies upset and makes it a point to tell me I need to go see Eli when he’s crying if I’m not in the same room as he is.

He absolutely LOVES his little brother and has shown very little jealousy towards him. The only two times I’ve really seen him jealous (and not even mean jealous, more like goofy jealous) has been when Kurt or my sister have been holding Eli.

He adores our cats and definitely misses Stella. It’s still a very recent loss and there have been a few hard days where he’s asked for her or wanted to go find her but he still has Ari and Milo to occupy his mind with.

One of the pickiest eaters I’ve ever met and literally gags if he doesn’t like the look of something even if it’s actually delicious.

Still has the bluest eyes and cute baby curls but his hair is actually starting to darken from the light blonde colour it was when he was younger.

Loves to sing which is a recent development. He has three songs that you’ll hear him singing all day long. The cutest is when he sings Old MacDonald to Eli because he calls Eli “E.I., E.I. O”.

Is obsessed with cars, trucks, trains, and Paw Patrol. Chase is still his favourite, although Marshall is a close second.

His laugh is just as contagious as ever and he goes out of his way to make his little brother smile.

Loves to run. He takes after his dad on this one obviously. He’s constantly asking us to say “On your marks, get set, GO!” and he’ll take off like a bat outta hell. He runs circles through the house and when we’re out somewhere, if it’s not crowded, he’ll beg for us to let him run.

Still loves to cuddle with us when we’re watching TV or a movie.

Enjoys showers over baths but if he is in the bath tub with some of his non-bath toys (toy cars or trains) then he’ll stay in the water until it’s freezing before he actually asks to get out.

Likes to point out all the big trucks on the road when we’re driving somewhere and he needs you to acknowledge that you’ve seen the truck he’s talking about otherwise he gets upset that you’ve missed out.

Has started saying things are “cool” or “awesome” lately which makes him sound like he’s even older.

Can count to ten is English and French and knows what each number and letter looks like.

Knows all his colours and loves to tell us what colour something (like a truck driving past us) is.

Loves to point out what trucks are “Mommy Truck” (ie which ones are Rams because that’s what we drive) and knows the difference between a Mommy Truck and say what a GMC truck looks like.

Over the past six months, has started talking up a storm and some days you can’t get him to close his mouth even for one second but because of his great speech development, he was discharged completely from his speech therapy.

Is not a fan of hot, humid weather at all. There were so many days this past summer where I tried to get him outside for a little bit during the day but he would always tell me he was “too hot” and would ask to go home within a few minutes.

Hates sleeping with blankets on. He’s always kicking them off in his sleep and if we try to put a blanket on him when we think he’s fast asleep, he instantly will wake up to remove it.

For some reason he HATES the show Family Feud. If it’s on and he’s in the room or hears it on from another room he immediately started yelling “OFF! OFF! OFF!” and will point at the TV. It’s pretty hilarious actually.

Has been completely potty trained, including over night, since August! Yayyyyy!!!

Has a huge sweet tooth just like I do.

Loves to give big hugs and kisses to everyone he loves.

Constantly makes his dad and I so proud to be his parents and he continuously amazes us every day!!




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