Mom Life

Eli At Four Months Old!

Loves to smile and laugh

Thinks his big brother is the greatest person ever

Going through a sleep regression which means he only naps for a long period of time if he’s being held

Has started noticing the furry, four legged friends in our household

Does not enjoy tummy time but can lift his head all the way up and look around when he’s doing it now

Loves to chew on knuckles and fingers and prefers them over his ‘chew toys’

Losing most of his newborn hair (sad)

Likes to grab a hold of hair so pony tails and messy buns are a daily hairstyle for me

Seems to actually enjoy bath time now

No longer makes his cute little nursing noises (also sad)

Loves to ‘hop’ away from you when you’re trying to change his diaper

Does not do well during the evenings (that’s apparently his new angry time)

Enjoys looking at the lights on our Christmas trees

Coos all the time and loves attempting new sounds

Seems to really enjoy being naked

Thinks Mommy’s forehead and chin are edible

Learning to properly grasp objects given to him and will attempt to put said objects into his mouth

Still a little snuggle bug regardless of who is holding him

Still spits up all the time and will literally wait until I’m holding him again before proceeding to puke up his entire stomach

Has the bluest eyes ever and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they never changed because they’re such a beautiful colour

Cries and pouts when I bite his finger nails

Has the squishiest little thighs and Buddha belly


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