Mom Life

Eli at Five Months Old!

I know, I know I’m behind the game with this five month post but with Christmas, family time, my small business, New Years, and now what seems like our 15th cold since September, I’ve been a bit preoccupied. But now that December has come and gone and we’re into fresh beginnings, I’m going to try to be more on top of my blog and begin to post regularly again. So where are we with Eli now that he’s a whole five months old…

Generally a very happy little baby, unless he’s tired

Absolutely fascinated by his older brother and watches him so intently

Has only rolled over once (at my dad and stepmom’s house) which I didn’t get to witness

Can sit up for a few minutes unassisted

Loves to rock back and forth when sitting upright

Prefers to be naked or only in a diaper

Goes nuts kicking and splashing when in the ‘big boy’ bath tub

Wakes up more frequently during the night nowadays much to my disappointment

Projectile vomiter just like I was as a baby

Does not enjoy the cold weather because he gets extra bundled up and he hates that

Loves to ‘talk’ to us and is constantly making silly noises

If you laugh at something he did, he will continuously keep doing it in hopes of getting the same response

Hasn’t officially tried solids yet but watches very intently when you’re eating in front of him

The biggest snuggle-bug ever

Refuses to sleep in his playpen

Loves to grab a hold of anything he can, including arms, faces, beards, and hair

Extremely ticklish

Loves being carried around and voices his displeasure the moment his feet or bum touch the ground

Has the sweetest little face I’ve ever seen

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