Mom Life

Eli at SIX Months Old!

How is he HALF A YEAR OLD already!? It is blowing my mind that this sweet smiling little bundle of joy is already six months old. Some days it feels like he’s been in our lives for years rather than months and other times it feels like he should only be minutes old. I always said I was amazed at just how quickly time flew by when Nate was a baby but now it feels like if I blink, I’ve been transported three or four weeks into the future. I wish I could make these next few months slow down so I can really enjoy every moment of being at home with both my boys because before I know it, I’ll be back at work, Nate will be starting school, and Eli will be turning into a rambunctious toddler. I’ve been looking through our pictures a lot lately and it breaks my heart a little bit seeing just how quickly these two boys have changed.

I know I was a little late posting Eli’s five month milestones so some of these will be comparable to the last post but here’s a peek into this adorable, handsome, smiley, sometimes cranky, little boy we love oh so much!

Finally started rolling over from back to belly with witnesses present

LOVES his big brother to bits (even if big brother is becoming a bit more jealous of him lately)

Has started eating some solids and has currently tried cereal (hated it), carrots (tolerated), apple sauce (meh), pureed bananas (best attempt yet)

Went swimming for the first time this month and is basically a fish and will probably live in the water

Still won’t sleep unless he’s directly beside myself or Kurt in our bed or in his swing

Had his first trip to the Emergency Room thanks to a REALLY nasty viral infection

Completely enjoys bath time now that he’s figured out how to splash and kick in the water

Thinks the cats (especially Ari because he’s around most) are fascinating

Still a super gassy baby and when he poops, you definitely know it

Loves to sit up and can manage to keep himself upright for a few minutes at a time now

Would rather chew on knuckles and fingers than any of the teething toys I have made for him

Usually wakes about once a night to feed although lately due to his colds, he’s been waking up more frequently

Still falls asleep almost instantly when he gets put into his car seat

Loves looking at himself in the mirror or other babies

Does not enjoy when he’s put down because he is a huge snuggle bug

Still spits up multiple times a day and loves to aim for me

Has the chubbiest cheeks and bluest eyes

Does not enjoy being on his tummy

Has us (especially me) wrapped around his fingers


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