Mom Life

Eli at SEVEN Months Old!

Alright, alright, alright, Time you need to just SLOW DOWN for a little bit o.k.!? I’m having a really hard time coming to terms with the fact that my baby is already on the other side of six months old! I’m actually afraid to blink nowadays because I feel like if I do, he’ll be starting school and Nate will be in the third grade. Omg… I can’t even handle that thought process! MAKE IT STOP, MAKE IT STOP, MAKE IT STOP!

I feel like Eli has hit a lot of milestones in the past few weeks and I’m having a hard time pausing to remember to write them all down. It seems like every day he’s learning something new or packing on a ton of weight. I can still vividly remember his scrawny chicken legs and how scared I was to hold them during diaper or outfit changes because I thought they might break. Now his thighs are so chunky that he didn’t even flinch when he got his six month shot last week! So here’s a little recap of our chubby babe!

Started rolling over (finally!) onto his belly and now rarely wants to be on his back

Champion eater! This kid packed on a whopping 2+ pounds in just over three weeks!

Started sleeping in his crib this past weekend and made it until about 4am before waking up to feed

Has decided that he’s now a belly sleeper just in time for his crib transition (yay…)

Tolerates baby related things now and actually enjoys his exersaucer, play mat, high chair, etc

No longer spits up on me all day long! We’re down to about one to two times a day!

Can sit up for long periods unassisted

Still loves to be snuggled or held as much as possible

Absolutely LOVES kicking and splashing when he’s in the bath. He’s almost uncontrollable at times!

Thinks the cats are hilarious and gets the biggest grins on his face whenever they attempt to interact with him

Likes to kick off one sock like Nate used to do too

Loves to raise up his legs and slam them down on the bed when he’s in bed with me and wants to get my attention to nurse

Enjoys being gently tossed in the air or swung around

Wants to crawl so badly right now and can ‘army crawl’ short distances

Favourite toys are his crinkly baby book and weird looking elephant rattle


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