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One Week Today

On Thursday September 6th 2018 Nate will attend school for the very first time! I honestly cannot believe that the past three and a half year have gone by as fast as they have! It seems like it should have been yesterday that we were leaving the hospital with our new addition and settling into life as a family of three – six including the cats at the time – and yet, in reality that was almost four years ago. We’re now a family of four – still six including Ari and Milo – and our oldest ‘baby’ isn’t even considered a toddler anymore… I know I’ve said it countless times in the past but I honestly had no idea just how quickly life can pass us by. When Nate was born everyone kept telling me to be prepared not to blink for the next 18 years because children change day to day. I laughed it off thinking how could life possibly speed up after you had kids but it’s completely true! Even in the span of a single year, children change SO MUCH! Looking at photos of Nate from last summer, it’s hard to even recognize him back then; with his light blond curly hair and squeaky little voice, he’s become such a boy this past year and now he’ll be heading off to JK in a week!

I know he’s going to have such a ball at school and I do truly think he’s ready to go but there’s still a part of me that looks at him knowing he’ll be one of the younger kids in the class and worries that maybe he’s still just a tad too young. I would never keep him home instead of sending him to school but there’s always that piece of me that wishes I could. But he tells me he wants to go to school and he talks about how he’s going to be taking a school bus and will make lots of new friends. I know there will still be days that will be harder than others and I’m sure we’ll have days where he cries when the bus comes but I’m sure all kids have them too. It’s just so hard to know that I won’t know what he’s doing ALL the time. Even when I’m at work and he’s with my dad or sister or whoever else, I still have a good idea of what he’s up to. When he goes to school, I won’t know anything. I won’t know what he’s playing with or who he’s talking to or what he’s learning, and all that uncertainty does leave me feeling anxious. I vividly remember my first day of kindergarten (before there was JK and SK) and I remember that nervousness going through the doors and waving bye to my mom and my sister. Those same emotions and feelings are going to come back and then some watching my first born wave bye to me, his dad, and his little brother. I’m literally getting anxious thinking about it right now while typing this out haha

Nate is honestly such a sweet kid that I can’t see him not being able to make friends. He’s definitely shy like both Kurt and I are but he’s also funny, smart, kind, and a good hearted kid. He never hits or steals toys, he will gladly share his snacks, and he loves playing with other kids his own age or younger. I know he’s going to have a blast at school but I just wish he could have stayed little a little while longer.

So here’s a little trip down memory lane because I’m not emotional enough…

One week old- October 2014

Five months old- March 2015

Six months old- April 2015

Eight months old- June 2015

One year old- October 2015

Two years old- October 2016

Almost three years old- July 2017


Almost three years old- July 2017

Three years old- April 2018

Almost four years old- July 2018


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