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Sage at Two Months Old

It feels a little strange to be writing a blog post about a baby that I didn’t even “announce” on here that I was having but here we are!

Sage Rose Marie was born on February 5th 2020 at 9:59 am weight 7 lbs 12 oz and was 21 inches long. We’ve spent the past two months getting to know this sweet little human and although she’s cranky at least 80% of the time, she is by far the best addition to our family. She is loved immensely by her two older brothers and not a day goes by where they aren’t showering her with hugs, kisses and praise. So who is this tiny human who’s brought so much joy to our lives? Well,

She was born at 38 weeks 4 days gestation

Labour with her lasted approximately 14 or 15 hours (and was definitely the most intense labour pains of the three) followed by maybe 5-10 minutes of pushing

She followed the trend of her older brother Eli by deciding to come out “sunny side up” (face up)

She immediately recognized Kurt’s voice seconds after birth which was one of the sweetest things to witness

Sage was the only newborn not to pee on either Kurt or myself (thanks again boys) within the first few hours after birth

She also followed in the foot steps of her oldest brother Nathan by losing 10% of her birth weight causing quite the fuss with the nurses

Apparently was the most jaundice of all three since we had to go back for more blood work the day after she was discharged

She has the sweetest dimples on her cheeks, especially the larger one and more obvious one on the left side

From day one she has been by far the best night time sleeper out of the three

She hated having baths for the first two weeks (ish) of her life but now absolutely loves being in the baby bath

Sage has beaten out Nathan for gassiest baby we’ve ever had

She literally spent the first three weeks of her life pooping up to 15 times a day

She spits up multiple times after every feeding (will investigate with doctor)

At her one month doctor’s appointment she weighed 9 lbs 3 oz and was 22 inches long

She loves to be bundled up in cozy blankets but not the swaddling kind (she likes fluffy or knit ones)

Has outgrown all her newborn outfits and is slowing outgrowing the 0-3 month ones

She does cry the majority of the time she’s awake (probably gas related)

But she’s begun to actually smile at us

Sage definitely knows Nathan’s voice and is usually calm when he’s by her

She doesn’t feed as much as either of the boys did

She’s taken the longest of the three to learn to enjoy the swing

She was born with a full head of dark brown hair which is now showing hints of auburn

Her eyes which first looked almost black have now lightened to a dark blue so we’re still not sure what colour they’ll become

From day one she’s been incredibly strong and I swear will be the earliest baby at everything

All in all has been the perfect completion to our family!


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