Mom Life

Four Month Check Up

Nate had his four month appointment today. He’s actually turning five months next Thursday but due to Christmas and then him being ill his shots are a couple weeks behind schedule. I always hate going to bed the night before his shots. I feel so bad when I wake up knowing that he has no clue he’ll be getting poked with a needle in a few hours. He takes his shots really well which is nice. Actually, he does really well at the doctors in general. He’s always smiling and laughing and absolutely loves our doctor. It was quite funny in the beginning because when my doc would ask “is he a happy baby?” I’d always respond “No, he cries all the time but it’s ok because he’s cute” (he was really colicky in his first few weeks) but you’d never guess it from the way he carries on at the clinic. He just likes making me look like a liar 😉 haha

Anyways, he’s doing really well! Which as a new mom is always great to hear! He’s 16lbs 3oz now and is 27 inches long! I can’t believe how tall he is already! I swear he’s going to hit the height limit on his car seat in the next couple months! I love seeing his progression but at the same time it makes me sad thinking about how quickly time is going by. It’s shocking to me that he’ll be six months next month! I feel like it was just yesterday we were heading to the hospital to have him. I’ve already started planning his first birthday which is just heart breaking!

In the past few weeks he’s hit so many milestones. I love when my doctor asks questions about things he should be able to do now because I get to brag about how well he controls his head (since two months), how well he’s rolling, his grip strength, and the list could go on and on! It’s remarkable how quickly babies learn new skills. I’m always amazed when he does something that a few days earlier he wasn’t able to do. I feel so lucky that I get an entire year off to watch him grow and learn something new every day. He is the light of my life!






^^^ He doesn’t seem to worse for wear all things considering!

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