Mom Life

Baby Class!

So on Friday my sister and I took Nate to his first ever baby class. I was a bit ticked off at first because the ymca that’s located right by my house had cancelled their “play to learn” class for that day even though I had emailed them on Monday asking if it was still on. We ended up driving to the next closest one that wasn’t located in an elementary school which was about another 20 minutes away. I really wanted to take him to it since I had woken him up early and gotten him all ready and everything. Plus I was really looking forward to seeing him interact with all the babies.

Well once we got to the next closest one I kinda wished I had just stayed at home. It was so packed! All the schools had P.A. days on Friday since March Break is this week so it meant there were tons of older kids there. The “play to learn” groups are from birth to six years old, however; most kids are in jk or kindergarden by that time so I had been told that usually there are infants and toddlers at the groups which would’ve been perfect. So back to all these older kids…the two rooms were PACKED like I mean packed! Kids were yelling and screaming, taking toys from one another, hitting each other, etc! And parents were just kinda sitting back watching it all happen. I must have looked scared because two of the girls running it came and told my sister and I that this “was definitely not how it usually is”. They kept repeating “It’s because it’s March Break, usually it’s a lot less busy!” They showed us to a small soft mat that is solely used for babies who aren’t walking yet. There were two other babies on the mat at the time but they ended up leaving about ten minutes after we got there. I was kinda disappointed because I wanted Nate to get to interact with other babies his age. Thankfully, another mom came over. She had been with her older son and was just holding her younger baby but I guess when she saw us on the mat she decided to come by.

Nate and her son (Hugo…totally adorable!) hit it off right away. It was so funny to see Nate’s reaction to seeing another baby. Hugo was two and a half months older than Nate but he was so much smaller! The woman kept telling me that Nate was a “big boy”. Honestly, I don’t think he is…his weight gain is just at the 50th percentile but he is above average in height. So anyways, we had both boys on their tummies facing each other and they could not stop laughing! It was seriously adorable! Nate has been around my other friends who have kids but their kids are all over one year so he hasn’t gotten to play with any infants like him. He was in heaven! Hugo would reach for Nate and Nate would start smiling and laughing then that would cause Hugo to start cracking up. Seriously it was the cutest thing ever! I wish I could’ve video taped it but obviously that would be a little weird asking a lady I just met if I could take a video of her son haha I’m definitely looking forward to going to the baby groups close to home so Nate can make more friends!

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