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So Many Milestones, So Little Time!

Trying to keep track of a baby’s milestones is always a hard task. They learn and accomplish so much in such a short time it can often feel like you can’t keep up! I remember in the beginning feeling as though I couldn’t wait to see how much Nate was going to grow and how proud I was going to feel when he started learning new things. But quickly I realized that the more he learned it meant the older he was getting. As happy and proud of him as I am, I do miss the days when we would just relax on the couch and he was perfectly content sleeping on my chest.

Here’s a little month to month recap of the things he learned and milestones he met or surpassed!

One Month: Nate would focus on objects close to him and watch them moving around. He was able to lift his head slightly while on his tummy and would turn his head side to side. If he heard my voice he would turn his head to try and find me. Nate had a perfect latch while breastfeeding and grew from being a “lazy” eater to a “chugger” in a matter of a few short weeks.



Two Months: Nate would lay on his play mat and bat at the hanging toys. He would look at himself in his tiny mirror. His head and neck strength had surpassed my expectations. He needed very little support on his neck when being carried upright. Nate started laughing and smiling when he was two months old as well. He would coo and ca at us when we were playing. He would stare contently at the Christmas tree lights and if the tv was on and it was either hockey or football, he would watch the movement of the players.




Three Months: Nate started having baths with me in our soaker tub. He loved laying on his back in the water and started kicking and splashing with his hands and feet. He started grasping at his rattles and other toys set in front of him. He would laugh and smile if you made funny faces or sounds at him. He didn’t need any support with his neck and head while being held upright and he could lift his chest off the ground while on his tummy. He could also sit upright without any support for about five seconds! Kurt would hold Nate’s hands and get him to “walk” across the room and Nate fully understood that he needed to put one foot in front of the other to move.





Four Months: This was when Nate started rolling. Just after turning three months he was able to roll from his belly onto his back but it wasn’t until he was officially four months that he mastered rolling from his back to his belly. He also started being able to support himself standing while in his exersaucer. He would stand up to reach for the toys dangling just out of his grasp. He also started to go from just chuckling when he thought something was funny to a full out loud laugh. He could sit upright without support for about 30 seconds and continued to “walk” with daddy.







Five Months: Nate just turned five months last week and I’ve noticed the largest amount of new learned skills this month. He can sit up on his own for a few minutes without any support. He started rolling multiple times instead of either just rolling onto his belly or onto his back. He grabs at any and all objects he sees. He’s completely focused on the cats now and laughs every time they come near him. He recognizes himself and others in the mirror whereas before he just thought the reflections were other people. He loves looking at videos or pictures of himself and laughs every time he sees them. He’s started interacting with other kids and babies. He’s constantly blowing bubbles and communicating with us. He sits up on his own with ease and now is trying to get himself upright while on his tummy so he can crawl. He feet are always in his hands while he’s on his back and he’s starting to recognize familiar faces.






I’m so proud of this kid and I can’t wait to see what he learns next!

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