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My idea of a marathon involves my couch, a large cup of coffee, and binge watching Supernatural or The 100. It definitely does not involve spending countless hours, days, weeks, months, and even years outside rain or shine, hot or cold, ice storm or no ice storm, pushing myself to my limits running. But that is exactly what my husband Kurt and his running partner Chris do. They work full time for a living and spend their free time outside running or should I say training.

They started running about two and a half years ago as a way to get back in shape and it morphed into an every day challenge. How far could they run? How fast could they go? Could they beat yesterday’s time? So on and so on. I used to laugh to myself thinking about how seriously they were taking running. Kurt used to literally burn through shoes. He would go through pair after pair wearing the treads right down in a matter of weeks. It never occurred to me that running is actually a big sport and it’s huge all across the world.

The guys started signing up for local races and usually they were on weekends that I had just worked night shift so I never wanted to stay up to go and watch. I remember specifically one time Kurt asking why I didn’t want to come cheer him on and I just sat there thinking “Why would I go? There’s probably only going to be like ten people there racing. Obviously, this isn’t a big deal.” Well, boy was I wrong. The first race I went to was a few months after the guys started training. It was located at a small airport and the race went around the runway. There was at least a couple hundred people running it and I remember thinking “holy crap! This many people are in to running!?” It was a huge shock to me.

The guys started out running 5K races and soon they were blowing their competition out of the water or should I say off the track? It amazes me every day how much these two put into keeping themselves in shape. There are days when Kurt comes home from work exhausted and still gets himself dressed in his running gear and heads out. They will run through anything and everything. The massive ice storm in 2013 had nothing on them. They still went out to train even though the sidewalks were like skating rinks. It didn’t stop them at all.

Yesterday they ran the 30K Around the Bay race in Hamilton, ON. This race is actually older than the Boston Marathon! Who knew? Clearly not me… anyways, the city of Hamilton actually shuts down part of the highway because the race goes on the road! Crazy! So the guys signed up last year and unfortunately, I couldn’t go and watch because I was working (as usual) but this year being off on maternity leave and fully understanding now how big the running world is I decided that Nate and I would go and support Kurt. So we set off yesterday around 7am to drive up to Hamilton with Kurt, Nate, myself, Chris, and his very pregnant wife Caralin.

The race ends with the runners running into The First Ontario Centre Arena. How cool is that? Getting to run across the finish line with literally thousands of people watching and cheering from the stands. I was a little nervous about taking Nate because I knew it was going to be a long day for him and I was worried he wouldn’t want to sit still while we watched the runners coming through but he did fantastic. Besides maybe one or two small freak outs he was content sitting on Caralin’s lap while I took pictures. I’m so proud of all three boys! The guys did amazing too! Chris beat his time by a large margin and Kurt was just over one minute faster which was totally shocking to me because they signed up too late so they had to pass at least 3,000 people to come close to finishing where they did last year. Kurt might not be too thrilled with his end results but getting to see him come across the finish line and getting to watch Nate smile at him when he saw Kurt after the race was a magical moment. I’m so proud of how well these guys have done not only in racing but in life as well. They are truly two of the best guys I know and I hope they (especially Kurt) know how great they are!


^^^ Nate cheering on daddy!




^^^ Chris crossing the finish line and saying hi to his wife and Nate









^^^ unfortunately, Chris thought Kurt was ahead of him so he told us Kurt had already crossed so I put the camera away then realized Kurt was coming across the line so I just got pictures of him right afterwards 😦



^^^ sharing his medal with his favourite lil buddy!

Check out BayRace for more info about 30K Around the Bay or to check out my boy’s awesome times!

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