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Recap on Easter Weekend

This was Nate’s first Easter weekend which obviously he didn’t know the difference between Easter and any other weekend but it was super exciting for myself and Kurt. We both love Easter; Kurt loves it because it means his birthday is coming up but me on the other hand, I love it because well, who doesn’t love a holiday that involves chocolate bunnies and eggs! It was so nice having Kurt off work on Friday. He works hard during the week and then with all his training he does, some times he doesn’t get to see Nate as much as he’d like so it’s always awesome having an extra day on the weekend. Friday was my dad’s side family dinner. My parents are divorced so it’s always a bit of a challenge juggling three separate families instead of just two but this year Kurt’s mom was sick so we weren’t able to go over. Can’t risk Nate getting sick (even though both Kurt and I are suffering from colds right now).

*Side note I feel like I need to acknowledge my parents and any other adults who might have taken care of me while they were sick and I wasn’t because oh em gee is it ever hard not being able to just lay in bed all day or take a bath whenever I want to try and feel better because there’s another human being who is depending on me to take care of them. At least when Nate is sick too we can just snuggle on the couch together but because he’s feeling fine (which I’m so glad for) he just wants to play and play all day long.

So back to Easter! We went over to my dad and step mom’s house and had such a great dinner! My step mom buys organic turkeys from a farm which are soooooo delicious! There was so much food but obviously when there’s 17 people eating, you need a ton! I’m not a huge fan of ham but my step mom made one and I think I actually enjoyed it more than the turkey! Nate was pretty good for the most part. He’s starting to “make strange” with some adults so there was a few times where he burst into tears for no apparent reason but other than that he did much better this time than he did at Christmas. I think he cried that entire visit! Unfortunately though, he decided he did not want to sleep Friday night so I think I got maybe a solid hour and a half straight that night.

We got up relatively early on Saturday since Kurt had his long run and Nate decided he just didn’t need any sleep period. It’s always nice having just a day to ourselves too. No visitors, no real need to go out anywhere, just myself, Kurt, Nate, and the cats. We did have to go out to get them some food and litter but otherwise we just hung out at home then went and saw some friends later on.

Sunday was my mom’s side family get together. It also happened to be my nana’s birthday celebration. She’s 77 this year! My mom invited us over for “appetizers and cake” but holy cow it was more like “we’re going to feed you like four meals in one!” because there was a crazy amount of snacks. I’m not complaining though, everything was mouth watering! From all the different cheese and crackers, to the taco dip, to the finger foods it was unreal. I think I left having gained like seven pounds! For real! Nate slept for the first two hours we were there too! He was just exhausted from having little sleep the night before and he’s gums had really been bugging him Sunday morning too.

All and all it was such a great first Easter! I can’t wait until next year when the Easter bunny will come and visit us! I’m so looking forward to watching Nate hunt around the house for his chocolates!



Nate was so cute in his little hat, suspenders, and bow tie!



He’s just so adorably cute! I feel like the typical white girl saying “I can’t even! I just can’t!” when looking at him!

DSC_0593 DSC_0591

Just chillin in the spare bedroom playing some guitar! *side note* I can’t actually play. I just like to pretend 😉



Hanging out with Auntie Mandy and Uncle Andy!


 Nana’s Cake Boss birthday cake!

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