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Wait, Wait, Wait… What Happens!?

I remember when I first started telling my friends I was pregnant; the ones who already had babies started warning me about the strange occurrences that were going to take place within my body. Most of them I already knew about (some from nursing school and others just from life I suppose) but holy cow I was not fully prepared for what was to come! I started compiling a list (yeah, yeah I know another blog post about a list but I have a ‘thing’ for them) so anyways, I swore I would write them all down and then give them to my next friend who got pregnant. Well, life got in the way and I didn’t actually end up writing them down but I do have a few that clearly stick out in my mind so I thought I’d take the time to share them with you all! Just a fair warning now this will contain a bit of TMI (too much info) so if you’re not prepared for it, turn back now! 😉

Gas: Oh em gee! Seriously you guys it is ridiculous how gassy a person can be! Like honestly, it was so bad! Sometimes I was sure Kurt was going to kick me out of the room or the house for that matter! I actually thought I was rotting from the inside out because I could make myself gag! Told you TMI! I tried changing up my diet a bit thinking it was just what I was eating but nope! Definitely not! Just one of those wonderful symptoms that hormonal changes brings on. I probably would’ve died had I been pregnant in the winter and unable to roll my windows down while in the car!

While still on the topic of gross bodily functions, we have this one or should I say “#2”

Bowel Movements: Whether it’s constipation or the exact opposite of constipation, pregnancy can change up your bowel movements. Um, I wish someone had warned me of this from day one because I was kind of under the impression that you were either constipated or you realllllly weren’t during pregnancy. I didn’t realize it could literally change day to day. One day I would be having the worst stomach cramps and feeling so bloated because I was so backed up but then by the next day I was basically living in the bathroom. It was horrendous! I also remember the week I was due I was going to the bathroom at least 8-9 times A DAY! I actually texted my friend who had a baby about a year before me and asked her if this was normal. She said that yes, this was just my body preparing itself for delivery. Two days before Nate arrived, I actually went 12 times in one day. Yes I kept track! I ended up spending like two hours on Google to make sure I wasn’t dying because I swore there was no way one person could be producing that much stool and be healthy. But obviously everything was fine and it was just simply my body telling me that labour was coming soon.

Dreams: I had been told to expect to have some weird dreams while being pregnant but I had no idea just how bizarre dreams could actually be! I wish I’d written some of them down when I had woken the next morning because some of them were just hilarious. I remember in one dream the cheetah mascot for Cheetos (Chester; I think his name is) was my pet and I was getting so angry with him because he kept saying “Cheeeeeeeesy” in his annoying voice and wouldn’t let me finish the story I was telling him. Every time I opened my mouth to speak he would say “Cheesy” and throw a Cheeto puff at me. How random is that? It’s not like I craved Cheetos during my pregnancy or anything. I’m not even a big fan of them so how that entered my brain I have no idea. And just recently, my friend told me about a dream she had while being pregnant where she was breast feeding her baby and when she looked down it had morphed into a rat (she had given her pet rats away a few months before so she was still feeling a tad guilty about it I suppose) but how disturbing would that be!? Pregnancy dreams are messed up!

Sweat: This one will also end up on my postpartum list because lucky me sweat through my whole pregnancy and for about four months afterwards! So what happens when you perspire? You start to smell…yay! I would apply so much deodourant, especially when I was at work because just from walking up the stairs or down the hall I would feel so sweaty I knew it was only a matter of time before I started to smell and I did not want my patients or co-workers to have to endure that. I remember one time thinking it was just me so I asked Kurt if I smelled and he politely told me no but I’m positive he was just being nice and afraid to piss off the pregnant lady. We went to Nashville when I was around seven months pregnant and every time we came back to the hotel room I would reapply my deodourant in copious layers because it was so hot there I was terrified to be “that smelly tourist”! During the night some times I would wake up and need to change my pajamas because I had soaked them with sweat and I even slept on a towel a few times because I was drenching the sheets as well! I tried to make sure I was well hydrated in hopes that would help decrease the amount of sweat I was producing but unfortunately, it seemed there was nothing I could do about it. Thankfully, five and a half months postpartum, I’m back to normal!

Bleeding Gums: The first few times this occurred I was quite concerned! I thought for sure I had early on-set gum disease and that all my teeth were going to need to be removed and I would have to get dentures at the age of 26 but apparently this is a common side effect of pregnancy! My gums were so red and sore that a few times a week I could actually feel them throbbing in the mouth! There would be times I couldn’t chew because they hurt so bad. Once I delivered though, they immediately returned to normal and after a trip to the dentist, I’m pleased to say my gums and teeth are in excellent condition!

Well, there you have it! Just a few fun things to look forward to if you’re pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant! Stay tuned for my most recent list of postpartum symptoms that I had no idea happened!

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