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A Weekend of Blue Jays!

Kurt and I are both huge baseball fans. He loves the Boston Red Sox (Boo!!) and since I’m a hometown girl, I support our Toronto Blue Jays. So for Mother’s Day, Kurt decided to me Jays tickets without realizing they’d be playing his favourite team too. Our friend’s aunt works for the Blue Jays organization so she always finds us tickets that haven’t been sold so we get to go to games for free! It’s really nice of her to do that for us considering it can get pretty expensive going down to the Rogers Centre. The tickets she gets us are always awesome too! Either a few rows behind home plate or a few rows behind the Jays dugout. No complaints!

Well, it turned out my mom had kinda the same idea for Kurt’s birthday/my first Mother’s Day. She got us Jays tickets as well. Luckily she chose the Saturday game and not Sunday. Since Saturdays are Jr. Jays Saturday we decided we’d take Nate to this game. My mom specifically chose aisle seats just in case Nate was fussing and we needed to make a quick exit. Our friend’s aunt ended up getting up aisle seats too but since we never really know where we’ll be we didn’t want to risk bringing Nate on Sunday.

So back to Saturday… we decided this would be a great day to bring Nate to his first baseball game. I was a little apprehensive at first because he does not like sitting still! He’s always wanting to move around and be carried. The moment you sit down he senses it and starts fussing so I was worried he wouldn’t actually sit through a game. He did surprisingly well though! We got to the game relatively early so we were able to walk down to the field and watch the end of Boston’s batting practice. Nate was just loving life down there! He was laughing and smiling at everyone trying to get a ball and flirting with anyone who would pay attention to him! Unfortunately, we didn’t end up getting a baseball for him but we’ll try again next time! We walked around a bit then sat down for the game. As soon as we sat down, Nate started fussing. I figured he was probably hungry so I took him to the bathroom to feed him. The only downside of the Rogers Centre is that there aren’t many Family Washrooms. Just one per level so if I wanted to go there it would’ve been a really long walk because our seats we directly opposite where the Family Washroom was located. I just sucked it up and held him in a handicapped stall while he ate. Once his belly was full he was much more content. He ended up falling asleep from the top of the 2nd until the bottom of the 4th when the lady selling beer basically yelled right in his face. He startled awake and from that point on it kinda went downhill. The dome was open so by this point the sun was pounding down on us. Kurt and I decided to take him for a little walk. We went around the 100 level then back to our seats for the top of the 6th. Nate really started fussing and since the Jays were already winning 7-1 we decided to head on home. It was nice leaving a bit early because we beat a lot of the traffic home. We got subs for dinner and rented a movie so the rest of our Saturday consisted of snuggling on the couch with Nate and the three cats. Perfect end to a pretty awesome day!

Mother’s Days started out with us going to visit Kurt’s mom and grandmother to give them their cards and pictures of Nate then we left Nate with my dad and step-mom to babysit so we could go to the second game. My mom had watched Nate Friday night while my sister and I went to the movies and Kurt was at the first game of the series (yes he went to all three! haha) It was nice that Nate got to see all his grandparents this weekend and that both my parents got a chance to babysit him. We were a teeny tiny bit disappointed when we got to the game just because we did have aisle seats and it would have been nice to bring Nate for Mother’s Day but we quickly got over that and enjoyed the alone time. Lucky for Kurt he didn’t have to witness a sweep by the Jays because the Red Sox ended up winning 6-3. We left at the top of the 8th so we could beat the traffic and get home to Nate. We finished off my first Mother’s Day with a nice bath together (Nate and I) and then snuggles on the couch while watching the season finale of my favourite show.

All and all it was a great weekend! After my last post, I was worried the weekend wouldn’t turn around but it ended up being a great one! It was so nice taking Nate to his first game especially getting to see our teams play each other. I can’t wait until he’s a little older and knows what’s going on during the game!

Hope everyone had a happy weekend and a happy Mother’s Day if you’re a momma!

^^^ My handsome boys down by the field! Nate always gets so much attention when he wears this hat! It was definitely worth buying from H&M!







^^^ Nate really wasn’t impressed with our family selfies! Haha! Oh well he’s still a cutie!


^^^ His face after he was so rudely woken up! Haha!

Sunglasses // Sport Chek

Kurt’s sunglasses // Sport Chek

Nate’s hat // H&M

Blue Jays shirt // no longer available (Bye Brett Lawrie!) similar here!

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    Keep up the great posts! That was fun to read.


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