Mom Life


A nice home cooked meal

Hearing Nate babble on and on and on

Watching the cats actually show affection to one another

Seeing Nate’s big gummy grin every day

Nate’s laugh

Drinking a hot cup of coffee/tea

Getting into bed with shaved legs and/or freshly washed sheets

When Kurt gets home from work earlier than expected

Bubble baths

Seeing the first spring blooms

Watching the sun set later and later every night

Snuggling with Nate on the couch during nap time

Warm days with a breeze in the air

My blue eyed boys

Freshly cut grass

Taking Nate to the swings at the park

Getting head butts from the cats because they’re happy

Turning to another station just as my favourite song is starting

Singing Nate to sleep

Ice Cream

Watching Nate and the cats interact

A little list of my happiness!

Happy Tuesday!



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