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And so it Begins…

The work dreams…or should I say nightmares have begun. I had one or two work related dreams when I first went off on maternity leave. Just simple dreams about nothing in particular. Just work. But last night the work nightmares started. I had two separate nightmares pertaining to my job both of which woke me up in a panic that they had actually come true.

The first dream was about me returning to work. It basically involved me showing up to my unit crying hysterically about leaving Nate at home while I returned to work (I should add that I left him home alone in this dream!). I just sat at the desk sobbing about how my one year old was at home alone and was fully capable of taking care of himself (yeah right!) I woke up mostly panicking over the fact that eventually (years from now thank god!) Nate will be able to take care of himself and won’t need me to do everything for him. But the second dream I had felt more real and felt like it actually happened to me.

I dreamed that I arrived to work ten minutes late (which is horrifying because I’m always at least 15 minutes early) so I get to my unit and see I have a four patient load which is normal on my floor for day shift, however; I realize I haven’t had any reorientation to my unit after coming back from mat leave so I have no idea how our new electronic med system works. After panicking about this, I think to myself ‘no biggie, one of my co-workers will show me’ this is when I realize all the people I’m working with don’t know me (apparently my subconscious hired a bunch of new nurses to my floor) so now I’m worried because no one is talking to me or showing me how to use our electronic med system. I’m now 20 minutes late into my shift so I run down to my patient’s room trying to take all their vitals and get them all dressed before physio therapy but for some reason none of them will listen to me. I’m full out yelling at them in my dream with no luck. They still won’t wash up or get out of bed. I’m now running at least an hour behind schedule so I’m actually throwing breakfast and clothes at them to hurry them up.

*Please note I’m a good nurse. Really! I would never throw something at a patient! Haha*

So anyways, there I am finally getting them moving when I realize they need their pills. I leave the room (which is a three bed ward room) to try and figure out how to dispense their medications. At this point, my dream jumps forward to 2:45pm when I’m finishing up charting and getting ready to go home at 3:00. That’s when this massive wave of panic washes over me. I had FOUR patients. Not just the three in the ward room. FOUR! That means I never once checked in on my fourth patient who is in a private room. He missed both meals, all his meds, and is still in bed asleep!

This is where I actually woke up breathing heavily trying to remind myself that I’m still off on maternity leave for another four and a half months. Can you say panic attack? This was only one night’s worth of dreams! I’m definitely not looking forward to whatever nightmares come next! Thankfully, I know I work with some awesome people who I’m sure will keep a close eye on me! Haha 😉

2 thoughts on “And so it Begins…

  1. Lol Carly I died because I had very similar dreams. I just totally forgot to give all med altogether. I think this is super common to have nightmares before going back to work. To put your mind at ease all the same staff plus maybe 2 new ones so everyone will be very helpful and supportive!! Miss you at work


  2. haha! I’m seriously panicking over coming back to work. Part of me is excited because I’ll get to converse with adults again but mostly I wish I could just stay at home all day every day and not have to worry about making huge errors! Miss you guys too!


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