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Milestones Galore!

My little Nate is growing up far too quick for my liking! He’s sitting up all on his own now and is able to correct himself when he starts falling by simply putting his hand on the floor. He’s rolling over continuously like it’s the easiest thing in the world. And this morning he started crawling!! He’s been getting up onto all fours for about two or three weeks now but he could really only rock himself. He didn’t understand that in order to move he actually needed to move his legs and arms. But last night it kinda clicked in his head because he moved one arm and one leg at the same time. He didn’t really move forward but he at least got the idea. Then this morning while I was in the kitchen getting myself breakfast I heard him making all sorts of noises. I poked my head through the doorway to see what he was up to and to my amazement he was up on all fours about to take off. You could just see the look of determination on his face. I quickly grabbed my phone and started recording him. He took four or five steps (I don’t really know what you call crawling when it’s just a short distance) so anyways, he crawled forward forward four or five steps and grabbed the printer tray that on the bottom of our t.v. stand and opened it up. I laughed and pulled him backwards to see if he’d do it again and sure enough, he got himself up onto all fours and took off right towards the printer. You could just see how proud he was of himself. It made me want to cry when he looked over at me and laughed. It was like he was thinking “Mom! Look what I can do!”. I called Kurt and told him to check out the video I posted. We both agreed we definitely need to get some baby gates this week! It’s so amazing how quickly babies develop and learn new skills. It wasn’t that long ago (literally three months ago) when he couldn’t even roll over. Now he’s up and crawling. Pretty soon he’ll be pulling himself up on the furniture then taking off! Gahhh! My baby boy is growing up too quickly for my liking!






Just a few pics from his six month pictures (which were over a month ago now!)

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