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Coffee, Peanut Butter, and Netflix

Since going off on maternity leave back in October 2014; I have developed three major addictions. First being coffee. Not once did I ever think that I would be a coffee junkie. Seriously, I could barely take a sip before without making a face of disgust but since being off for eight months I have developed a deep new love for my Keurig which used to be solely used for hot chocolate and the occasional tea. Now don’t think I’m drinking a pot of coffee a day or anything but I’m definitely having at least one cup of coffee in the morning (sometimes two if Nate wakes more than once during the night). I still can’t handle non-flavoured coffees unless it has a flavoured creamer in it but holy smokes do I ever go through k-cups nowadays. I’ve even discovered a mad love for flavoured lattes and caramel/maple macchiatos from Starbucks.

My second addiction I’ve developed is one I’ve always had but no where near as bad as it is now. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE PEANUT BUTTER! I eat spoonfuls of it out of the jar. I did this before, during, and after pregnancy but now I feel like my entire day is thrown off if I don’t have one or two pieces of toast with peanut butter (along with my coffee) in the morning. There have been days where I’ve actually had to make toast for an afternoon or bedtime snack because I’m dying for a taste of peanut butter.

And lastly, Netflix. Oh glorious Netflix how I lived without you before I will never know! I like having the t.v. on as background noise while I’m playing with Nate but I was getting so tired of listening to the same daytime t.v. shows. I swear the cast of Days of Our Lives has not aged since I was 12 years old! And then I discovered Netflix. What a savior! I’ve been able to have different movies or t.v. shows on as background noise so I don’t feel like I’m constantly talking to myself or listening to the same programs over and over. I’ve also been able to watch some kids movies and get a feel of which ones I think Nate will like when he’s older. Back when I was little, there wasn’t really any Disney type movies specifically for boys and I never really had a reason to watch Cars or Planes or How to Train Your Dragon before now. So thank you Netflix for allowing me to get an early start on birthday and Christmas gift ideas for my boy!

Well, that’s it for now! Happy Friday and happy weekend everyone!

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