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Today marks Canada’s 148th birthday and I for one could not be more happy about being Canadian! I love living here and what it means to be Canadian. I’m proud of where I come from and I’m proud of our nation. Today means much more to me now that we have Nate. I can’t wait until he’s at the age where he starts understanding what it truly means to be Canadian. And I hope that wherever his journey in life takes him; he will always remember his roots here in this great land of ours.

Today we celebrated Canada’s birthday by heading down to the Blue Jays vs Red Sox game. Back in April Kurt turned the big 3 0 and for his present my dad and step-mom got us tickets to see our favourite teams play one another. We decided we’d bring Nate with us again since he did so well at the game back on Mother’s Day. We drove down because I figured the GO train would be packed since it was a sold out game and I’m really glad we chose to do this. It just makes it easier to get up and leave right away if Nate starts fussing and then we don’t have to worry about bringing his stroller; we can just use our Infantino baby carrier.

We got to the game around 10:30am and discovered that they weren’t allowing people in until 11am. It was packed! I’ve never had to stand so far back in line just to get into a Jays game before. We got there early enough that we were able to snag two red Jays Canada Day t-shirts. Kurt and I always laugh every time we get these because they only give them out in XL so neither of us ever wear them because they’re too big but whatever it’s still nice to have as a keepsake! (usually we end up donating them during our yearly closet purges) Anyways! We strolled around for a bit before finding out seats. Just as we were sitting down I noticed someone was signing autographs at the field. Kurt was still eating so he told me to take Nate down to see if we could get him something signed. Last time we were at the game no one bothered to really come over and sign autographs. Mind you, we were on the Red Sox side soooo…. haha! I booked it down the steps to the field level and you would not believe the nerve of some people! I watched several people push past KIDS to get to the field! I was actually standing beside one woman when another older lady and her grand daughter (I’m assuming) cut in front of us. I was just about to say something when the woman beside me yelled “Oh yeah! Just go right ahead of us! That’s totally fine!” The older lady looked back and gave some lame apology about how her grand daughter had being trying “for hours” to get someone to sign her book. Yet it was only 11:30am meaning she’d been trying for 30 minutes max since they only let people in at 11am. I just rolled my eyes and excused myself forward. Once I got down to the field I waited my turn. There were so many little kids jumping to get Todd Redmond’s autograph so I didn’t mind standing there for a bit. I used to be one of those little kids begging to get my baseball glove/hat signed. I actually didn’t have anything for Nate to get signed except the sleeve of his new Roots Letterman jacket. I figured that was good enough and sure enough Todd obliged and signed the sleeve. He jokingly attempted to sign Nate’s head twice.

The Jays came out swinging once the game started! I’ve never been to a game on Canada Day so it was neat to see the sea of red and white shirts. It got pretty loud pretty quick so we ended up sneaking out in the top of the 7th. The Jays were winning 8-0 at this point so it was pretty obvious the game was over. We headed over to the train park just outside of the Steam Whistle factory and walked around there for a bit then headed home.

Kurt’s out on his evening run now, Nate and I took a stroll around the block and now he’s passed out while I sit here reminiscing on our day and waiting to watch fireworks from our bedroom balcony!

Happy Canada Day everyone!

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