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Ah, The Summer So Far!

This has got to be the best summer I’ve had in a long time! Since I work two part time nursing jobs, I usually end up working every single weekend which sucks considering Kurt only works Monday-Friday. So for the past 2-3 years, it’s felt like I haven’t really gotten to enjoy any quality time with him because I’m either leaving for work at 6 am or sleeping because I finished work at 7 am. I was so excited when I found out I was pregnant and due in October because I knew this meant I would be off for the entire summer and Nate would be old enough that we could do outdoor activities with him and he would actually be able to enjoy them. Between all the parks, splash pads, baby dates, walks, and trips to the zoo; this summer has turned out to be such a blessing! Here’s a little peek at our summer so far!





I absolutely love this head wrap from Buff for Nate! He hates wearing hats and is always pulling them off his head. I’m assuming it’s because he can see the brim and doesn’t like it. Unfortunately, he’s so fair skinned and doesn’t have much hair that he can’t go without something on his head. Kurt found this Baby Buff while we were out East and it’s such a life saver! You can tie it basically eight different ways! Typically, we like Nate wearing it “pirate style” but it can also be used as a sweat band, scarf, hat, etc. They’re awesome! Kurt has two for himself but we’d never seen them for kids before! It’s good up to 3 years of age and the best part is Nate always keeps it on his head! They’re designed to wick sweat away and are made from breathable fabric so it’s perfect for the summer months!


Excuse the backyard mess! We tore down an old above ground pool that was there and have been working on creating a nice fire pit in the sand. Those weeds have long since been pulled and it looks much nicer! 😉


Daddy and Nate at the 45th Parallel restaurant on Deer Island, New Brunswick.




Mean muggin Nate!



He was so NOT impressed when we were trying to take this picture. This is the best one we got! Haha!



Brooklyn Hat// H & M sold out (similar)

Swimsuit // Carters

Paw Patrol Pool// Walmart sold out (similar)

Toy Ducks// Infantino (similar)

Head Wrap// Baby Buff

Baby Carrier// Infantino

2 thoughts on “Ah, The Summer So Far!

  1. Looks like an enjoyed spent season.
    Unfortunately, we can’t be outdoors with our 9 months old a lot this season, with temperature going up to 50 C. Too hot. We can’t wait for Autumn and winter.


    1. It’s definitely been a well enjoyed summer that’s for sure! Sorry to hear you haven’t been able to be outside too much! You’re right 50C is waaaaay too hot! We were at like 34 yesterday but felt more like 40. Luckily my son seems to tolerate the heat pretty well. I’m just extra careful when it gets super hot and I’m always making sure I’m breastfeeding more often so he stays hydrated. Hopefully the weather will cool down a bit and you can get outside!! Thanks for reading!



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