Nurse Life

Two Month Count Down Is On!

I only have two months left with Nate alone! How is this possible!?

*insert ugly cry face right here*

Yesterday I had the sudden realization that in just two short months I will be returning to work. Yes. I have almost been off for an entire year! How is that even possible!? I originally went off of work on October 5th 2014 even though Nate wasn’t due util the 28th. I have two part time jobs so I don’t have any sick time covered through my employer and I really didn’t want to use about three weeks of sick time paid by the government because I had been told that it would end up affecting my maternity leave pay so instead I took my maternity leave early. Which now means I will be returning to both jobs just after Nate turns 11 months old. To be honest, I’m terrified to go back to work. I’ve never left Nate alone for more than four or five hours at a time but that’s not totally why I’m terrified of going back. I’m worried that I will somehow have lost all of my skills as a nurse. I posted about the nightmares I’ve had where I’ve forgotten to give medications to my patients or check on them completely and although I work with a fabulous team, I’m still worried that this year off will have brought me down a notch in my field. I’ve been told it’s like riding a bike when you come back. At first, it’s hard and you’re a little wobbly but after a while you get the hang of it. I’m really hoping that this is the case. I’ve never been off from work this long and I’m really starting to stress out about going back. Everyone kept telling me how the first six months would go by so slow and seem never ending and then the last six would fly by but I’ve found that this entire year went by in the blink of an eye. I sometimes still think that yesterday was the middle of winter and that my baby was only a few months old. Now he’s crawling and on the verge of walking and I’m preparing for my dreaded first day back. Even as I type, I’m getting butterflies in my stomach. How can time go back this fast? It seems unfair. I’m definitely going to be getting some extra snuggles in with him during nap time for the next two months.

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