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Spontaneous Trip To Cobourg!

In my opinion, some of the best family days you can have are the days when you don’t actually plan anything and just decide spur the moment to head out somewhere. This morning after waking up super early (thanks Nate!) Kurt asked if we were ready to “go out”. I looked at him sideways and asked where we were going. He replied “I don’t know. Anywhere.” So we grabbed Nate’s diaper bag and loaded him into the truck. We grabbed a coffee from McDonald’s and headed out east on the 401. As we were driving, Kurt asked what I wanted to do. I said I didn’t care but perhaps we could go and look at some new build homes as we are thinking about moving in the next few years, however; after we missed our exit Kurt decided we should check out the nice downtown shops in Port Hope. We continued driving and missed our exit (again!). We were obviously deep in conversation haha! So after missing our second exit we decided to see what was going on in Cobourg. If you’ve never been there, it’s so adorable! There’s a really beautiful beach and so many nice little stores and restaurants. Once we turned onto the main street we realized that all the stores were having a sidewalk sale! How awesome! We got there early enough that we got a perfect parking spot and there weren’t tons of people flooding the stores just yet. Kurt and I seriously cannot be trusted with our debit cards, especially if it’s something for Nate! We’re constantly buying him clothes or toys or games. It’s bordering on a serious addiction. We fully know he doesn’t need most of the things we buy him but it makes us feel good and it’s super cute how excited Kurt gets when he finds Nate something new. After shopping, we walked down to the water to check out some of the boats.

Poor Nate was exhausted. He woke up reallllly early this morning and as any parent knows, when your child strays from his or her normal schedule, things can get pretty hairy really quick! Nate fell asleep on the 30 minute drive up to Cobourg but then woke up as we were getting him into the stroller so by the time we got to the water, he was getting fussy. We hung out there for a bit, took some pictures, then headed on home.

Days like today are my absolute favourite. Taking impromptu trips with my little family and making memories that will last forever!








My little fish! He absolutely loves the water!





He thinks it’s hilarious to grab your sunglasses off of your face then drop them on the ground.



Kisses for mommy! Nate’s not really into it though.




I’m sure most of you know all about the “Love Lock Bridge” in Paris, France (and if you don’t you really should check it out online! It’s so amazing!) well, sadly, in June 2015 it was taken down as the bridge was deemed unsafe. We actually have close friends who had just put their own lock on the bridge in October 2014 and it was so upsetting to learn that it would be lost forever, however; Cobourg has their own “Love Locks” so I’m hoping that Chris and Caralin will be able to place a new lock here a little closer to home! It’s such a beautiful idea! Kurt and I are going back with our own lock to place on the chain one day soon. Nate was having a ball looking at all the locks hanging on the fence.








Love this little family of mine!

And my favourite part about today is knowing tomorrow is a civic holiday therefore; Kurt is off for the day!!! Yay!

2 thoughts on “Spontaneous Trip To Cobourg!

  1. I agree with you (about the unplanned being the best outings).
    I enjoyed reading and looking through the beautiful photos. I look forward to look at previous posts later when I get the chance and looking forward to reading your upcoming adventures 🙂


    1. Thanks so much! Those kind of days are definitely the best 🙂 I’ve always loved just doing something spontaneous and now that we have our son we have even more reasons to do so! Thanks for reading! 🙂



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