Mom Life

A List of Happiness: Part Two


Trips to the park with Nate

Splash pads on super hot summer days

Nap time snuggles with my favourite little guy

Junk food and movie nights with Kurt

Getting into bed with clean sheets and/or shaved legs

Play dates with two of my favourite moms and their baby boys

Watching Nate interact with other kids/babies

Seeing all the fall/Halloween decorations starting to come out in the stores

Getting a new hair do

Dessert before dinner

Having every weekend off from work this summer

The smell of food cooking on the BBQ

Knowing all the laundry is FINALLY done…for the time being

Planning Nate’s first birthday party

Dance time with Nate

Long walks in the sunshine

Nate’s face when Kurt gets home from work



Hope everyone is having a happy Tuesday!

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