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The Week of No Naps

Oh gosh. This week has been such a struggle for us. Kurt has been working night shift all week so that has left me to try and put Nate to bed by myself which normally wouldn’t be an issue, except for the fact that he has refused to nap basically every day since last Friday! Obviously for a ten month old this is NOT a good idea. He’s been so moody because he isn’t napping that by the time bedtime comes, he’s just too exhausted to actually fall asleep which turns into a massive screaming fit or even worse; 5 o’clock rolls around and he passes out until 6 or 6:30 pm then he’s still wire around 8 pm when he should be sleeping. Twice this week I actually had to load him into the truck and drive around our town for about 45 minutes until he passed out enough that I could safely carry him inside to bed without him waking back up. I don’t know if it’s his teething or if he’s thrown off because Kurt isn’t home in the evenings like he usually is but holy moly this week has been a tough one! Nap time has never really been an issue for us. Nate has always been pretty good with his naps since he was born. It was more bedtime/middle of the night that we have had trouble with so this no naps thing is entirely new and unbelievably frustrating. And I for one, am hoping it ends soon! I’m worried enough about going back to work in one month; I definitely don’t want to be worried about his nap schedule on top of that.

These are a few recent pictures of him. Mostly posting these to make myself smile! haha




Beanie// Sparrow and Ross

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5 thoughts on “The Week of No Naps

    1. I’m hoping it’s just some sort of growth spurt and it’ll end soon because holy cow is he ever miserable! lol and thank you! My step-sister handed him her empty cup and he immediately was trying to drink out of it so when he becomes a coffee junkie later in life I know who to blame! haha thanks for reading lady!!


  1. wow. That is one tough week.
    My 10 months old’s night sleep has been strange the last week because he wakes up 7+ times all of a sudden again. He just rolls on his belly and starts crawling which causes him to wake up and cry , calling me to help him sleep. tough week for us too.


    1. I’m now convinced there must be a massive brain growth spurt around ten months or something but it’s so strange that it’s come out of nowhere! Hope your baby’s sleep gets back on track soon!!! Poor babes 😦


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