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Beanie Review and Discount Code!!


Don’t you just love a good Beanie Baby? And no, I don’t mean those TY stuffies that were mega popular in the 90’s and were supposed to have made me a millionaire by now. I mean adorable little babies and toddlers wearing beanie style hats. As much as I loved my TY Beanie Babies, I can’t imagine my life without that little beanie baby of mine pictured above.

I recently discovered this wonderful small Toronto based shop called Sparrow and Ross through Instagram [follow me!] and instantly fell in love with the beanies that Shannon creates. Up until I went off on maternity leave, I solely used my Insta account to follow my fav celebs, restaurants, and friends. I had no idea there was this amazing business side to it. I randomly was searching through the suggested “Discover” part one night and came across a few stores that sold really cute handmade kids clothing. I started following a few and then quickly discovered “Loop Giveaways”. Basically, small shops and bloggers get together and will give away vouchers for their stores or other prizes. The idea is simple, you “like” and follow each shop/blogger then they announce a winner within their set time frame. I entered one back in January and ended up winning a voucher for a beanie from Sparrow and Ross. I was pretty excited because I never win anything. Seriously. I may have the worst luck ever. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve won on Roll Up the Rim to Win. It’s three by the way. So yeah, needless to say my luck stinks. I contacted Sparrow and Ross to claim my prize and was told I could take a look through her Etsy shop to choose which beanie I wanted. Shannon was so nice during our brief conversations. She ended up sending me a size bigger for Nate since he was only three months at the time and she didn’t want him to grow out of it for this year. I picked out this super cute striped beanie [see here] and eagerly anticipated the day it would finally fit.

Flash forward to August and the beanie finally started to fit his head! Yay!! Once I saw it on him, I knew I was in BIG trouble! He looked so adorable that I couldn’t stop myself! I immediately went to Sparrow and Ross’ Etsy store and ordered two more beanies; one in charcoal gray and one army green.



I’m honestly in love with these beanies. The fabric is amazing quality. I’m always wary of buying hats for Nate because like a typical boy he’s got a pretty big head (sorry buddy but it’s true) and I don’t want to buy something that I think he’ll grow out of by next winter. The great thing about these beanies (especially his striped one) is that the fabric really stretches out and he’ll be able to grow into it throughout this winter and next. The sizing comes in small, medium, and larges but you can also request custom orders for newborns and adults! The ones I chose for Nate are all mediums and will definitely allow room for him to grow into.

I also like how it’s so “slouchy” in the back. He looks like a total hipster when he’s wearing them and how could you not love a little hipster baby? The beanies are made from a cotton blend jersey and they feel so nice to touch. They’re so soft but definitely warm at the same time. My head tends to get really itchy when I wear toques made out of certain materials so again, I’m wary about buying hats for Nate because he still can’t tell me yet if his head itches or is uncomfortable but I know there’s no way he’d get itchy wearing these!

Another great thing I love about Sparrow and Ross’ beanies is the fact that nothing is designated just for girls or just for boys. The colours that have been chosen would look perfect on either gender and are so modern that you wouldn’t be afraid you’re going to get judged for putting a yellow hat on a boy (yes, one time this past summer Kurt and I were judged for putting Nate in his Baby Buff because it contained yellow, pink, and purple and he’s a boy. Please. There was also green, blue, red, and orange in it but whatever!)

Anyways, like I was saying, the colours are all so hip and fun. There’s some great solid colours as well as a few striped pattern ones. And since the colours are mostly neutrals, you can pair them with any outfit and they’ll match! I especially love the charcoal gray colour because it matches perfectly with basically every outfit Nate owns!



I just cannot get over how cute Nate looks when wearing these beanies! I’m biased but honestly, how could you not think he’s beyond adorable!?



Shipping was great too. I placed my order and within about a week and a half to two weeks they arrived in the mail. Which in my opinion is pretty quick considering these beanies are all handmade which does require a bit of time and effort. Sparrow and Ross also sells some really cute bandanna bibs too! I haven’t ordered any of them because Nate is finally out of the drooly phase but I did browse through them and let me tell you, I WISH I had purchased some of these back when he was a few months old. They are so flippin’ cute! Shannon uses some really fun and bold patterns and I love how they’re so different from the average bib you’d buy at Carter’s or Walmart.


Now! Are you ready for the BEST part of this review because I know Nate sure is!


Head on over to Sparrow and Ross’ Etsy page [here!] and use the code FRECKLESANDCHEEKS to receive 15% off your order! This code is valid from October 1st 2015 to October 15th 2015 so hurry on over!!

Thank you so much to Sparrow and Ross for this discount code!

*Please note, after informing Sparrow and Ross I was ordering more beanies and planning to do a product review, I did receive 15% off of my own order, however; that by no means affected how I reviewed this product. I genuinely love these beanies and would gladly pay full price all the time for them.*

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2 thoughts on “Beanie Review and Discount Code!!

    1. Oh that it is for sure!! haha! I seriously LOVE these beanies from Sparrow and Ross. I’m contemplating ordering an adult one for myself. If you’ve been having a hard time finding the perfect ones for your babes I would highly suggest her! Plus, you can use my code until the 15th for 15% off! 😉


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