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Third Last Weekend Before Back to Work

baseballI just can’t believe in two weeks I will be back at work! I know I keep saying it, but I swear I JUST went off on maternity leave! It seems impossible that a year is almost up! Wow!! In order to make the most out of our last few weekends together, Kurt and I have been trying to do some fun stuff as a family. This weekend was definitely a pretty good one! Friday started out with us just hanging out at home, which to me is probably one of my favourite things to do. Nate had his Friday night bath and after he went to bed Kurt and I watched the Blue Jays vs Red Sox game. Not a bad night at all. Saturday morning my dad and step-mom came over for their routine visit and when they left we packed up, picked up our good friends Chris and Caralin, and headed into the city to watch the Jays take on the Red Sox. I’ve always loved going to baseball games and thanks to our friend Adam’s aunt, we get tickets for free! Woohoo!! Nothing beats free tickets and she never fails us! We always end up with awesome seats. I was so impressed she was able to snag us some for Saturday’s game because tickets have been selling out like crazy! Aunt Sue works for the Jays organization and reserves us tickets that they couldn’t/didn’t sell. And to top it off on Saturday, Kristin Kreuk was sitting behind us! She plays the female lead on the CW’s Beauty and the Beast. If you don’t watch that show then perhaps you’d know her best for her role on Smallville as Lana Lang! That was pretty cool! We didn’t really talk to her although, Chris and Caralin did ask for a picture with her. I feel like I “bonded” with her a bit better though because I had Nate in my arms and he kept making smiley faces at her. I also caught her laughing pretty hard at him during the 7th inning stretch because he was “dancing” in my arms to the music. Basically, he was flaying himself all over the place and laughing hysterically while doing it; which was hard not to laugh at. He’s such a ham, especially when he knows people are watching him. He LOVES to be the centre of attention for sure! We left in the bottom of the 8th assuming the Jays were going to win since they were up 4-1 (I think) but once we got back to the truck we were shocked to hear that the score was 7-4 in favour of the Red Sox. The Jays almost came back but in the end they lost 7-6. Oh well. Better luck next time (well, next series since they also lost on Sunday!).

DSC_0262Speaking of Sunday, Kurt went out golfing with my sister’s boyfriend Andrew, my step-dad, and my uncle Mark so Nate and I decided to have a little outdoors photo shoot. There’s nothing I enjoy more than taking pictures of him in adorable outfits. The weather was perfect on Sunday afternoon too. There was a nice breeze in the air letting us know Fall is quickly approaching and the sun was shining down. We walked over to the park, played in the grass on the soccer field then took some pictures. I love watching Nate while he looks at what’s going on around him. He’s so curious about everything these days and any time he witnesses something knew, like the first time he saw a motorcycle, his jaw drops open and his eyes get so wide. It’s completely adorable. I often take for granted the little wonders the world has to offer so it’s nice to be reminded of them through him.

outsideAfter our photos, I took him over to the swings and he loved every minute of it! He’s always really enjoyed the swings but Sunday he was throwing his head back laughing and kicking his feet with excitement. We spent probably a good 20 minutes on the swings before walking back up to the house. I uploaded some of the photos I took of him then we headed out to Port Hope for dinner at my mom’s and to meet up with Kurt. All and all, it was a great weekend and I’m looking forward to the next two we have together as a family; especially this upcoming one because Saturday is my 27th birthday!

outside2Hope everyone had a great weekend!

PS How cute is this scarf on Nate!? It’s from Too Rah Loo and I’m just obsessed with it! It feels so soft and attaches with two snaps at the back so it can be easily pulled off. If you haven’t heard of this small shop you should definitely check it out! I love supporting small shops like this, whether they’re in my neighbourhood or somewhere else, I think it’s so important to help the “little guy” and in my opinion, small shops usually give you better quality for the price! You can follow Too Rah Loo on their Facebook page, Pinterest, or Instagram account!

outside3DSC_0333 DSC_0331 DSC_0334 DSC_0342

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2 thoughts on “Third Last Weekend Before Back to Work

    1. We’re able to take an entire year off. It’s split into two classifications. The first is 15 weeks of maternity leave which can start as early as eight weeks before the expected due date and then parental leave which consists of 35 weeks and starts once the maternity leave is up for a total of one year (give or take a week). I started my maternity leave 21 days before my son was due meaning I have to go back when he’s 11.5 months old. Some people choose to take paid EI sick leave first which can have them off at 28 weeks pregnant and then once their baby is born then they start their paid maternity/parental leave. Also, both parents can split the 35 weeks of parental leave. 🙂


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