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Apple Picking!


I took Nate to Pingle’s Farm Market to go apple picking with some friends and their kiddos this morning. We had a blast! I’ve never gone there to pick apples before so I was pretty excited. I’ve been going to Pingle’s itself for years and years but for some reason apple picking never made its way onto the list of things to do. Seeing as how expensive apples can be in the grocery store I was curious to see if we would get more bang for our buck getting our own. It was about $30/bag so my friend Christina and I split one and I think we still ended up with a really good amount of apples each. I’m really looking forward to making some apple cinnamon muffins once I find a recipe online. Those are probably my favourite muffins of all time so I’m hoping I don’t disappoint myself by making my own! Haha.

It was really cute watching Nate gum the apples while we were picking them. He still only has one bottom tooth so he can’t really bite into anything but he was loving sucking the juice. You could hear him slurping while sitting on the grass. So adorable! We paid the $5/person too and went into the “Fun Farm” area as well. It was pretty cute and kids 2 and under are free so that was a bonus for me. Nate looked at some chickens, goats, and bunny rabbits and the older kids played in the “Tracker Race” area as well as the playground. I was surprised with how much stuff they’ve brought into Pingle’s. I remember going there as a kid and there was really only the pumpkin patch, apple picking, hayrides, and the small petting zoo. They used to have a really scary haunted barn as well as a spooky hayride so I’m curious to see if it’s there this year as well. Not that I’d take Nate there for those attractions! They’ve added a lot more to the kids area which I suppose is why it now costs money to go in but they have a little mini golf area set up as well as you can ask for a backpack of “goodies” to play with. It has puzzles, small toys, blocks, that sorta thing so for $5/person you could definitely spend a few hours in there.











It was such a perfect day out to do this little outing too. Sunshine, cool breeze, and no clouds! I can’t wait to go back with Kurt so we can pick out our pumpkins! 🙂

Nate’s scarf// Too Rah Loo (back order)

Stroller// B.O.B. Revolution SE

I’m The Momma Bear tank top// Root Avenue

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4 thoughts on “Apple Picking!

    1. It definitely was a blast! Last October I was pregnant and I kept thinking how next year (this year now) I’d be able to take my son to the pumpkin patch with us. It’s such a fun tradition! Have fun with your baby girl this year! I’ll definitely stop by your blog! 🙂 Thanks for reading!


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