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Two Year Anniversary!

Kurt and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary yesterday. It’s crazy to think it’s been two years since we said “I do”. It’s even more crazy to think that this time last year I was like 38 weeks pregnant and eagerly awaiting Nate’s arrival. So much has happened in these past two years and I’ve loved [almost] every minute of it.

Kurt and I got married on October 12th 2013 at Skyloft Ski Resort in Uxbridge, ON. We had been engaged for a year before we finally decided to book a date. I had had my heart set on a Fall wedding and when we went to tour Skyloft they only had ONE Saturday left in October. The owner, Ken, told us he had another couple coming to look at the venue later on that evening so we raced into town to grab the deposit before the other couple could snatch up the date. The moment I walked into the dining room I knew I had to get married there. The floor to ceiling windows over looked the ski hills and I could just picture how beautiful it would look with all the leaves changing colours. Lucky for me, Kurt was on board with the venue because the deposit was exactly cheap. But looking back at all over our overall costs, the deposit was actually WELL WORTH the money. If you haven’t heard of Skyloft and are planning a wedding, you should definitely check them out! They provided us with the food and everything was amazing! I wish I had been more hungry that day because seriously their roast beef is to die for! But unfortunately, my appetite had been pretty off not because of nerves but because of how sick I had been a week before our wedding. [read below]


Two years ago about ten days before our wedding day, I came down with some crazy viral infection. To this day, I still have NO clue what it was or what caused it. It started around October 2nd. I was working 7-3 at the hospital and my throat started to feel a little sore. By the time I got home at 3:30 pm I had a fever of 38 degrees Celsius. I ended up calling in sick for the next day because I had gotten so bad so quick. During this time Kurt was working out of town from Monday-Friday so I was left home alone. I remember waking up in the middle of the night dripping with sweat. It was so bad I had to get up and change the sheets and shower. I checked my temp and it appeared that my fever had finally broke, however; when I got up in the morning it was back and my throat was so sore I could barely swallow. Thinking I had strep, I went to the walk in clinic to have my throat swabbed. You could see yellow pus on my tonsils but the swab came back negative. After telling the nurse and doctor my wedding was on the 12th they decided to treat me as if I had strep regardless of what the test said. Well, within 24 hours I was in another walk in clinic because my right eye was swollen. I was put on different antibiotics plus an antibiotic eye drop and advised to go to the hospital if it got worse. As the day progressed, my eye continued to swell shut and I started breaking out in these awful looking sores. They covered my chest, neck, and there was one on my forehead. Each sore had started out as a tiny pimple I either popped or scratched. They were literally the smallest little pimples then within a few hours turned into open sores. Kurt was so concerned for me that he drove all the way home for the night only to have to drive back out to his job for 7 am the next day. By day three my right eye was completely shut and not only did I have a fever of 39 degrees Celsius with these sores but now I had hives all over my legs. My mom ended up taking me into the emergency room where I was seen right away. The staff were convinced I was having an allergic reaction to one the antibiotics but I was so insistent that that’s not what was happening. I’d had that antibiotic before several times and had been totally fine so I knew it wasn’t a reaction. The doctors were completely stumped. Honestly, I had at least 13 people come into the room at various points to look at me. No one could figure out what was wrong. They ended up starting me on IV antibiotics one dose every eight hours. I was sent home and instructed to come back at 4 am. Poor Kurt rushed home which was like an seven hour drive then had to call in sick so he could take care of me. When we went back into the hospital at 4 am the new on call doctor was so worried that I hadn’t had any improvements after the first dose that she contemplated contacting Infectious Diseases to come and see me! Haha!

Thankfully, that never happened but they did do blood cultures on me which came back a few days later showing nothing. I ended up needing home care for five days because it was pointless for me to continuously come back into the emerg for my antibiotics. Everyone was so concerned that I wouldn’t be ok for our wedding. Even I was starting to worry that we’d be having a “Pirate Wedding” since I was anticipating having to wear an eye patch over my right eye! Finally though, the Thursday before our Saturday wedding my eye opened up! Up until this point everything else had cleared up with about six doses of Clindamycian but my right eye still refused to open. I remember Kurt continuously saying “Through sickness and in health” to me over that week. But I’m so happy to report that everything turned out right as rain and my eye was fully open by Friday night!

Looking back at our wedding, I know things weren’t “perfect”. The suits didn’t come in until Saturday morning even though they should’ve been in on Thursday, the guys forget my ring when leaving for the venue, our DJ had a family emergency and couldn’t make it so he sent a replacement, the ceremony was like 30 minutes late but to be honest NONE of that stuff mattered to me. After going through what we went through the week leading up to our wedding, nothing (other than Kurt not showing up) could’ve ruined that day for me. It was a perfect day and I’m so grateful to know that no matter what Kurt will be by my side, even if my eye swells shut again and I can’t see him there! 😉

Thanks for the last 12 years together Kurt! I love you more than you can possibly know and I look forward to our many adventures together!


























Our first dance was to Ed Sheeran’s Kiss Me


Our wedding favours were various hot chocolates, teas, and cappuccino flavours that I had ordered online with the above picture printed as the labels.

Venue// Skyloft Ski Resort

Flowers// KT Floral

Dress and Brides Maid Dresses// Alfred Angelo

Photos// Goose Creek Photography

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