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Sunday Drives


Sunday drives in the truck with my favourite boys is by far the best way to spend an afternoon. Yesterday Kurt and I were a little bored so we decided to take Nate out on a drive through the country. We didn’t go anywhere super far but we drive out far enough that we saw some pretty amazing views and colours.


We randomly came across an outlook post so of course we had to stop to check it out! Nate was sleeping but as if on cue, the moment the truck stopped, he woke up. It was a little chilly but definitely worth the look. Such beautiful colours and you could see so far into the distance. Just beautiful.








So after the lookout we continued on our drive and ended up in Bewdley at Rice Lake. I always hear people talking about fishing in Rice Lake but I honestly thought it was like 2-3 hours away from us, not 30 minutes. We stumbled across this adorable pirate ship park so even though it was slightly snowing (what!? It’s only October!!) we had to take Nate over for a few minutes.





20151018_135515 (1)



We then scoped out a beautiful house that I wish we could afford because it was in a quaint little cul-de-sac and it looked SOOOOO nice!!! My heart hurts thinking about how much it’s listed for (and yes we looked it up). Sigh. Maybe one day.


I swear this is like my dream. The stone. The walk way. The trees. The cul-de-sac. The fact that every house was completely different. And no, I haven’t seen the inside but c’mon just look at it!

Anyways, that was our Sunday drive! Hope everyone had a happy weekend!!

Nate’s Scarf// Too Rah Loo

Nate’s Beanie// Sparrow and Ross

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