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Teething Bites!

DSC_0605Teething bites! [pun intended] Poor Nate has both his top front teeth coming through and they’re just giving him a heck of a time! His bottom front came in one at a time and although he did seem a little bothered by them, they definitely didn’t cause a huge change in his personality but let me tell you, these top ones are causing my usually sweet, silly boy to become a whiney, angry monster. I can’t blame him really. I mean, it’s gotta suck having these ‘things’ all of the sudden start bursting up through your gums and not knowing what is happening only makes it worse. I’ve tried teethers for him and to be honest, they didn’t really work. He never really seemed interested in gnawing on anything other than his own little hands but with these two top suckers, he’s definitely chewing on anything that goes near his mouth.

DSC_0586Everything has been so off with him these past few days as well. From his sleep schedule to eating to bedtime. It’s just all over the place! Plus we switched back to ‘Standard Time’ on Saturday so that just makes his schedule even worse because everything is pushed an hour back. This morning I thought I’d take him outside to play a little bit since it’s like 15 degrees Celsius out (say what!?) and see if that would help cheer him up. He was distracted for a good 20 or so minutes before he decided he’d had a enough of pushing the pumpkins over and watching me throw leaves around. But at least we got some fresh air!

DSC_0606And on the plus side from these pictures I took of him you can’t really tell he’s miserable! Gosh I hope these teeth pop through quickly! They’re so close to breaking the skin but because his gums keep swelling up, the little white buds seem to disappear and reappear every few hours. And unfortunately I’ve had to resort to Infant Tylenol a few times now because he just gets himself SO worked up that nothing we do will make it better. *side note: please don’t comment about whether or not Tylenol is ok to give because I won’t read it. It’s what I chosen to do for him a few times now and I won’t read any comments judging my parenting because of it. Thanks! :)* I feel really bad too because Nate is kind of a late teether I guess you’d say. He was almost 11 months before he finally popped a tooth! So I have a feeling his teething is going to last A LOT longer than most babies.

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Beanie// Sparrow And Ross

Sweater// Baby Gap (similar)

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