Mom Life

Nate at One Year!


A little peek into who Nate is as a ONE year old!

Giver of the biggest bear hugs

Hater of nap time

Loves chasing the cats around the living room

Thinks banging the floor and peek-a-boo are hilarous

Walks around the house like it’s the easiest thing in the world

Only crawls when he wants to get somewhere really fast

Always drops his mouth open when he sees a bus or motorcycle

Wants to eat everything mommy and daddy are eating

Enjoys music and likes to “dance” by moving his shoulders side to side

Loves ice cream

Hates when you tell him no

Constantly splashes in the bathtub then laughs hysterically at himself

Has the ticklish thighs and belly

Does basically everything with his left hand

Loves to play catch or roll the ball

Do not enjoy being strapped into his car seat

Can climb up the stairs exceptionally fast

Has the curliest Q’s on the back of his head

Loves rolling around on our bed or the couch

Points to things he wants

Working on saying momma and dadda

Says “Yeah” although he probably doesn’t realize he’s saying it

Thinks throwing toys onto the other side of the baby gates is a fun game

Likes to bang things together or on the ground

Has four teeth and is probably going to be a bit of a biter

Always loves having the attention on him

Waves his arms or claps his hands when he’s excited

Is all around just a fantastic little boy who we love dearly!


Beanie// Sparrow and Ross

ONE tee// Lil Threadz Clothing

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